Cashew Nut Cheese

Putting together something simple but impressively RAW when guests drop by can be challenging but not so if you have some basics always on hand.  Cashew Nut Cheese is something I pretty well have all the time now in my fridge.  I make a lot of nut milk for use in the form of mayo’s  so it stands to reason I have plenty of the beautiful cheezey by-product around too.

Cashew Cheese Platter

So take three good dessert spoons of cashew nut cheese and placed in a bowl and season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Take a small round stainless steel food ‘form’.  Slice off a round of cucumber to drop neatly into the form. Then get stacking. First:

  • Add the first layer of cashew nut cheese
  • Followed by finely diced tomato and cucumber with squeeze of lime or lemon and chilli flakes mixed in
  • Then top off with diced gherkin
  • Slide the form off
  • Garnish with a dice or two of tomato and some shredded basil
  • Finish by assembling on a white serving plate with equal drizzles of fresh lime/lemon juice and either olive or macadamia oil with a grind or two of cracked pepper.
  • SERVE to guests who will be blown away by the taste combination.

This easy and simple yet divinely impressive presentation of RAW canapes is a sure winner when the unexpected or the planned guests arrive!!