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Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 8 – The Importance Of Organic Foods

OK, so we’ve talked about why you may not need as many fluids on a raw food diet. In this post we’re going to talk about the importance of organic foods.

Let’s deal with the biggest complaint first shall we?  Organic food is more expensive… true!!  However, consider this – how expensive is a debilitating, chronic illness which could lead to an early death?  Billions are spent on alternative healthcare by those who mistrust conventional medicine these days.  Most people know that pharmaceutical medicines DO NOT HEAL… they merely deal with the symptom and not the cause.

Also, imagine what would happen if everyone demanded organic food at their local supermarket.  Would the big corporations respond?  YES, of course they would.  The only reason most have allocated a meter (or less) of shelf space for fresh organic fruits and veggies, is because YOU continue to buy the cheaper offerings.

Another consideration worthy of thought is this… when we transition to a raw vegan lifestyle, we naturally begin to consume less as our bodies adjust to the 100% nutritional value we receive compared to eating cheaper, cooked or processed foods which have very little nutritients left, therefore we need to consume MORE!!  Are you getting the picture yet?

Rant over!!

Now, as we all know, food that is grown or raised without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers is called “organic.”  We’ve become so used to eating foods that have been grown with fertilizers and pesticides, that most of us have forgotten what it’s like to eat organically grown food or what a difference it can make in the way that we feel.

Why else would you choose to eat organic food?

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 8

You may not realize this but we pay a lot in terms of flavor and nutrition so that we can eat perfect-looking food.  While organic food may have an occasional bruise on its flesh and not be as shiny and sleek as food that’s been sprayed with harmful chemicals it is generally fresher and more flavorful than the fruits and  vegetables you commonly find stocked at your local supermarket or corner shop.

raw vegan lifestyle tips - step 8Many times, they’re grown locally, so they haven’t been stored or refrigerated.  Consider the difference in flavor between a  vine-ripened tomato and a regular tomato.  There’s just no comparison.

Remember your body has to process everything you put into it and eliminate what it cannot digest. If your food contains toxins in the form of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, your body has to figure out a way to get rid of the toxins. When the body  cannot get rid of toxins fast enough, it stores them until it has time to eliminate them. This can lead to a multitude of side effects and health problems.

Did you know that many of the pesticides used in farming have been found to be carcinogenic?  Is there a connection between this and the increase in allergies, metal poisoning, and chronic digestive problems?  You decide!

raw vegan lifestyle tips - step 8So there’s no doubt that reducing your exposure to these toxins can and will improve your overall health. While your body is designed to eliminate toxins it needs to expend extra energy to eliminate them.  This is energy that could just as easily be doing other things such as healing damaged cells, fighting off viruses and bacteria, or patrolling the  body for cancer cells.

So it only stands to reason that you will feel substantially better without putting these poisons into your body.  Especially if your system is sensitive to toxins.

Fortunately, it’s getting easier to do this because there’s a growing selection and variety of organic produce becoming available in specialty stores and even in grocery stores these days as people become more aware of the dangers associated with consuming harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

In my next post, I’ll be talking about what a raw food diet can do for your skin.  Please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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Scott Mathias & Clare DarwishClare Darwish moved to Australia from her native Scotland to be with her Business and Life Partner Scott Mathias.  Scott is an author and creator of raw vegan recipes and Clare takes care of the online marketing and social media aspects of their business.  The 61 yr old mother of two boys, has made a major transformation in her own health and lifestyle since moving to Australia.  She now assists Scott at his fortnightly Raw Food Masterclasses, blogging and encouraging others to follow her example and embrace a healthier, safer lifestyle as she enters her Golden Years.



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