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What’s the difference between vegetarian and raw vegan diet?

In Step 5, we talked about some tools you’ll need in your kitchen to help your transformation.  Now we’re going to talk about the difference between vegetarian and raw vegan food.  So, what’s the difference between vegetarian and raw vegan diet?

Generally, someone on a raw food eating plan is considered vegetarian with only a few differences.  The main one being, when you’re on a raw food diet you don’t cook the majority of the fruits and vegetables that you consume.

Another difference is that a strict vegetarian doesn’t eat meat, fish or poultry, they only consume grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. some may consume dairy products and eggs, while others may not.

What's the difference between vegetarian and raw vegan diet?

When it comes to being a vegetarian, sometimes things can get a little bit confusing, because there are so many different categories of vegetarians, like vegans and fruitarians.  It really just boils down to a matter of personal preference and beliefs.

Let’s quickly go over some of the different types of vegetarian diets:

– Semi-vegetarian

Eats predominantly vegetarian but includes some meat. Also called flexitarian or pseudo-vegetarian.

– Transitional vegetarian

Someone who is converting to vegetarian lifestyle but isn’t quite there yet.

– Lacto-ovo-vegetarian

Eats both dairy products and eggs. Includes all vegan foods.

– Lacto-vegetarian

Eats dairy products but not eggs.  Includes all vegan foods.

– Ovo-vegetarian

Eats eggs but not dairy products. Includes all vegan foods

– Su Vegetarian

Excludes all animal products as well as vegetables in the allium family (which have the characteristic aroma of onion and garlic, scallions, or leeks.)

– Vegan

Does not eat dairy products, eggs, honey, or any other animal product.

– Fruitarian

Basically the same as Vegan, but they only eats foods that don’t kill the plant like apples, tomatoes blueberries. Root vegetables like potatoes and carrots are excluded from their diet.

This may seem a tad confusing but some people LOVE labels!!  Quite frankly, I prefer to keep my life simple and don’t go around announcing my food choices, not even in restaurants.  Vegans may also avoid products in which animal products are used in the production, but might not actually remain in the finished food. This includes sugar and some wines.  They also avoid non-food animal products such as leather, wool, down, etc. With their main source of protein coming from beans, nuts and seeds, and whole grains.

Samuel L. Jackson - Proud Vegan since 2013
Samuel L. Jackson – Proud Vegan since 2013

There are also raw vegans who combine a vegan and raw food diet together to exclude all food of animal origin, and all food cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  The reason for this?  Anything heated above 118 F starts to ‘cook’ and ultimately begins to lose some of the nutrients in the food.  Is this why so many overweight people are always hungry???  I’ve mentioned this before, but here’s the stats again:

Advocates of the raw food diet believe that enzymes are the life force of food and that every food contains its own special blend of these enzymes to help us digest our foods without relying on our body to produce its own digestive enzymes.

When you begin reading about the raw food lifestyle, it makes sense that food should be consumed in this manner, mostly because the cooking process destroys vitamins and minerals that naturally occur in our food.  Not to mention that it is a proven scientific fact that cooked foods take longer to digest and allow partially digested fats, proteins and carbohydrates to clog up our intestinal tract and our arteries causing harmful long-term effects on our bodies.  PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THIS… it’s important that you understand that the causes of so many chronic conditions being suffered by the majority of people these days, is food related.

Scott and I choose to keep our lives simple, with clean, whole foods which nourish and naturally detox our bodies daily.  Energy levels increase when you eat live foods and I found that my 14kgs of extra weight that I carried about during my vegetarian days just fell away once I removed wheat and dairy products from my diet.

Next time, I’ll be talking about why you may not need as many fluids when you consume a raw food diet. Now, this will surprise you, so look out for my next blog post.

Until then remember that Raw Food is about LIBERATION… not LIMITATION”

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Scott Mathias & Clare DarwishClare Darwish moved to Australia from her native Scotland to be with her Business and Life Partner Scott Mathias.  Scott is an author and creator of raw vegan recipes and Clare takes care of the online marketing and social media aspects of their business.  The 61 yr old mother of two boys, has made a major transformation in her own health and lifestyle since moving to Australia.  She now assists Scott at his fortnightly Raw Food Masterclasses, blogging and encouraging others to follow her example and embrace a healthier, safer lifestyle as she enters her Golden Years.



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