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Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 12

In the last post we talked about why eating a raw food diet really isn’t a diet at all.  In this FINAL post in the Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips series, we’re going to talk about how eating more raw foods can help detoxify your body.

Cleaning is an everyday part of our lives.  If we’re not cleaning the house, we’re doing laundry, cleaning the car, cleaning out the garage or attic, or clearing our desk of the never-ending piles of bills, junk mail, receipts and coupons we accumulate.

We even clean the outside of our bodies on a daily basis, by showering, brushing our teeth and washing our hair.  Since cleaning is such a healthy part of our everyday lives, it only seems logical that we should take some time to clean the inside of our body as well.

Raw Food Lifestyle Tips - Step 12

Detoxification and tissue cleansing is the process of purging environmental and chemical toxins from your body.  Did you know that these toxins can disrupt every system in your body?

When our body is polluted with such toxins, its own detoxification system including the liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and lymphatic system can’t work as efficiently as they were designed to.  These damaging poisons sneak into every cell of your body, and do their best to wreak havoc with our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

These contaminants can create such problems as lethargy, foggy thinking, unhealthy skin, decreased vision, mood swings, and digestive disorders.

However, by adopting a lifestyle that includes eating healthy raw foods, our body can conduct its own ‘spring cleaning.’  And contrary to what many might think, raw foods are actually more easily digestible than cooked foods are.

raw vegan lifestyle tips - step 12

Johnny Depp – Vegan

Eating more fruits and vegetables enables the digestive system to ‘clean house’ and begin the process of purging the dangerous environmental and chemical toxins from the cells of the body, thereby restoring the systems to their optimal states and since raw foods are so nutrient-dense, they also simultaneously provide the body with much needed nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs so that it can continually perform it’s purging process without fail.

raw food lifestyle tips - step 12

I hope you’ve found this series of tips helpful and will continue to integrate a much healthier diet into your daily routine from now on. If you’d like to know more, then keep an eye on your inbox and Scot’s blog and we’ll continue to bring you the latest news on what’s hot and what’s not in the RAW Food Revolution.

Thank you for participation so far and I’d love you to help me spread my message. The future of our planet and our survival depends on it, so please share with your friends.

If you’re enjoying this series of Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips, please feel free to share with your friends or leave a comment in the box below.  :)
Scott Mathias & Clare DarwishClare Darwish moved to Australia from her native Scotland to be with her Business and Life Partner Scott Mathias.  Scott is an author and creator of raw vegan recipes and Clare takes care of the online marketing and social media aspects of their business.  The 61 yr old mother of two boys, has made a major transformation in her own health and lifestyle since moving to Australia.  She now assists Scott at his fortnightly Raw Food Masterclasses, blogging and encouraging others to follow her example and embrace a healthier, safer lifestyle as she enters her Golden Years.



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