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Learn How To Ease Bloating Naturally and Quickly!

Bloating is a symptom or a signal that whatever you’ve just eaten isn’t being broken down and is causing a build up of gas in your stomach. In this article, you’ll learn how to ease bloating, indigestion and acid reflux naturally… and quickly!!

You’ll notice that it doesn’t happen every time you eat.  But why does it happen at all? Firstly, it’s because certain foods are easier for you to digest that others. Secondly, bloating is caused by a buildup of gas in your stomach. That means that the food you just ate isn’t breaking down quickly enough. In short, this may be due to too much acid or too little acid in your gut.

If it happens every time you eat, chances are you could have a serious issue going on and that you probably don’t travel too far without antacids. 

Let me explain what I know about gut function.

In simple terms, everything you eat enters your gut within about 7 seconds and the acids in the gut start breaking down the foods. 

Most people are aware that fruits and vegetables break down very quickly and are usually out of the system within 24 hours.  Right?

Animal proteins like meat, eggs and dairy ie milk, cream, butter and cheese, take a lot longer.  72 hours to be exact!!

Therefore, when we eat too many animal-based products, fatty foods, fast food or sugary foods and, let’s not forget, ‘alcohol’ which are all lacking in ‘life force’, that means we will send the gut muscle into a state of spasm causing it to literally blow-up due to increased levels of acidity.

Some folk suggest that drinking lemon water helps because, as soon as it enters the body, the citric acid becomes hyper-alkaline thus reducing acidity. But this is just a temporary aid.  However, there is a long-term solution.

Bloated Stomach Remedy: Drink this straight after your main meal each day and see bloating disappear.

Bloating can easily be fixed completely by doing the following …

a) increasing your level of food awareness, in other words knowing what foods trigger that bloated feeling

b) getting your gut muscle to work properly again. Is your gut doing it’s job? Does it break down the food you eat quickly and easily? If your answer is no, then your gut muscle is running slow.

Learn How To Ease Bloating Naturally!

The method I found works best and quickest, is a little known fruit that’s high in papain enzymes which get to work breaking down those undigested proteins straight away.  In fact it is so powerful, that it’s often used in the meat industry as a tenderizer.

Papain enzymes are found in mature but unripe Papaya or Pawpaw, Papayas grow in the topics.

When the fruit is still green, that is the time to harvest it, as the fructose levels are low and the papain levels are high. 

Since not everyone lives in a hot climate, green papayas can be difficult to find and they can also be very expensive to buy.  If they grow in your backyard, then make good use of this powerful fruit provided by nature and make a tasty Green Papaya Salad with a little limejuice squeezed over the top.

If you’re not able to find the fresh fruit, then worry not.  For example, green papaya powder is now available in powder and capsule form and has usually been dehydrated or dried in the sun then ground into a fine powder and packed. 

Although it’s not very well known, it is nonetheless one of the best ways to ease symptoms like bloating, indigestion, heartburn , reflux and a whole host of other problems that emanate from the gut. Likewise, green papaya powder will work on more serious or chronic condition too when taken over a period of time alongside a change to healthier diet.

Bromelain is another Proteolytic enzyme that is found in Pineapples.  Yet not everyone has easy or regular access to those either, so bromelain is even more rare than papain!!

Where can I find some?

Today, you can buy Green Papaya Powder and Green Papaya Powder with Pineapple & Turmeric in a dehydrated powder or capsule. That means it is 100% nutrient dense since nothing is lost in the drying process.  Turmeric, of course, is anti-inflammatory so excellent for those more painful conditions.

green papaya pineapple + turmeric capsules

You can find these products right here on our website or check with your local health store or pharmacy but do check the labels to make sure that your getting 100% organic powder without preservatives or anti-caking agents. Check our online store for more info.

How long does it take to work?

In most cases, relief comes almost instantly. Most people report feeling better after just a few minutes. However, we are all different, so be patient.

As you begin to eat healthier and take the it regularly, the green papaya powder will release trauma from the gut muscle by taking over the breakdown process. Therefore, over time, the gut muscle will get stronger allowing proteins, including ALL ‘green’ proteins to breakdown completely, and thus improve your levels of nutritional absorption through your small intestine.  

Maintaining good health is easier when the body is absorbing nutrients properly and no protein waste gets stuck in the body causing acidity, discomfort and pain.

Bloated Stomach Remedy: Drink this straight after your main meal each day and see bloating disappear.

green papaya powder by scott mathias

Green Papaya Powder is what helped me on my journey to good health after a two very severe acid reflux attacks a week apart.  Bloating was also a constant for me. When I took my first teaspoonful in a small glass of water, my bloating settled down within a few minutes.

I decided to take it every day after I ate and the reflux attacks stopped too. The relief I felt was amazing!

It meant that I could eat out with family and friends without the worry of having an attack or having to leave the table quickly to throw up if I did.

I honestly don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for the humble yet miraculous papaya fruit.

Over time my gut muscle strengthened and life changed for the better.  My condition was extreme and you can read more about that here ….  The Wonders Of Green Papaya

‘No one need suffer any longer’.



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