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Recipe 3 – Marinated Mushrooms and 3-way RAW Tapas




Hi Scott, Just a quick email after today’s amazing RAW food class which was such a blast of new information and clarity that I’m reeling with the prospect of getting off my meds entirely and getting myself well and healthy again. The idea of not having to rely on drugs anymore and to let body do its own healing is totally amazing. I understand now !! Thank you so so so very much for opening this new raw door for me.

Claudia Sanchez-Peregian,Sunshine Coast, Australia



  1. mary ann ruthe Reply

    hi scott can you keep using the marinade and if so for how long…thanks

    • Hi Mary Ann, I keep topping my mushroom marinade up as I put fresh mushrooms in it…works for me..see how you go..
      cheers Scott

  2. Hi Scott,

    Your recipes look lovely – I have a mushroom allergy is there anything you can recommend as a substitute for your recipes using mushrooms?



    • Sandra,

      Minced turnip or parsnip with shoyu added and pepper…firm to moist texture..soo how that works for you… 🙂

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