Are you at the FREEDOM FRONTIER ? ... Gumbo & Sunsets

Everywhere there is transformation – people’s lives, nature, politics and religion – everything is changing or falling apart. ‘Truth’ is also being transformed as people return to ‘being their own person’ – regaining their sovereign selves and exercising their rights to participate with the pureness of life.

At this moment I am in a transformational state. EVERYTHING ‘within’ and ‘without’ of me is changing. I’m on the roller coaster and screaming my lungs out. I cannot fall off even though it feels like I may. Emerging from the ‘scream’ are ideas about how to conduct myself in this emerging ‘Space of Disorder’.

Naked, live plant food prepared in a loving caring manner is an important step toward ‘releasing’ any notions of limitation right now. So much of the change occurring, when seen in a positive light, is about participating in liberation – being liberated from the ‘old world prison’ of dogma, rules and control.

Uncooked Gumbo using just live plant food.

The ‘Space of Disorder’ is about compassion caring and love and all that arises from our every moment experience – then ‘peace has a chance’ (thank you John Lennon). It’s about participating in fairness and fundamental spiritual based justice for all humanity. The  new space is made up of freedom fighters who only bearopen arms and open hearts’, not the guns and weapons of the old world.

So what is your choice? FREEDOM from limitation? FREEDOM from the old world paradigms of control, subservience and obedience? It’s easy to‘slide the freedom key into the padlock of ages’. Start by changing your daily intake of ‘food thought’ – the basis of pure consciousness – and take in more live plant nutrients. Learn how easy it is to regain control of your own healthy life.

You WILL start to feel the feelings of FREEDOM very quickly as you lighten up and old world toxins release from your body. As you do this, the world around you changes too and the planet is supported in its transformation as well. You regain your connection with all other living things and thus retake your rightful position as a major influencer in the grand cosmic scheme of things. This is what FREEDOM is all about!!

My partner Clare and I were in New Zealand recently catching up with my beautiful extended family – it was an exhilarating experience!!

Russell, Bay of Islands, New Zealand

I invite you to download a series of complimentary LIVE Food recipes-my gift to you as you arrive at your  ‘FREEDOM FRONTIER’. CLICK HERE

I‘m a Digestive Health Specialist living in beautiful Noosa, Australia and teaching globally.  As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a chronic digestive disorder.   I founded, a 100% pure Australian Super Cell food Company, and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more. I am here to help you find your personal freedom.



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