Green Papayas are high in Papain Enzymes that break down proteins in the gut.


What is green papaya? Green Papaya is mature but UNRIPE papaya (pawpaw).  High in Papain and low in Fructose


What is Green Papaya good for? Green papaya contains high amounts of the papain enzyme which break down protein and improves digestion.


Do Papayas Improve Digestive Health? Green papaya contains high levels of papain enzymes that break down proteins in the gut. This, in turn, improves digestion AND absorption of the nutrients from the food. Absorption of nutrients happens when the now liquified food moves into the small intestine.


What are the Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Papayas? The dried green papaya has the effect of alkalizing the gut by ensuring all proteins (plant and non-plant) are broken down successfully. Acidic foods are more likely to cause Inflammation than alkalizing foods.


Immune Support by Papayas. The papain enzymes in green papaya have the ability to seek out alien bacteria and microbes and destroying them because of its proteolytic nature (protein seeking). Taken alongside a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables included, the immune system becomes stronger.



Why do we need it for good digestive/gut health? Green Papaya Powder has the effect of reducing gut trauma by taking over the food (protein) breakdown process, making digestion much easier. It is a naturally grown fruit and NOT chemically processed in a lab!!


What does good gut health mean to overall performance? The gut is the ‘engine-room’ of the body. Improved digestion leads to increased absorption of nutrients thus providing more stamina and better performance. Plant-based nutrients are easier to digest when gut function is at its best.


How do Papain enzymes benefit digestion? The enzyme in green (unripe) papaya is called papain which is proteolytic in nature. This means it seeks out proteins, both animal and plant-based, and starts to break them down more efficiently. Thus, taking the stress off the gut muscle and helping it to work more efficiently.


What is Papain and What Does It Do? Papain is an active enzyme that helps breakdown proteins in a slow-acting gut. It will also seek out alien cells (bad bacteria) and destroy them.


Protein Digestion and Papain Enzymes Papaya is known as a functional food because it contains the fast-acting papain enzymes which break down proteins. It is key to getting the gut to function properly.


Who is it good for? It is good for EVERYONE, but especially for people suffering from symptoms associated with slow to poor gut function. These symptoms might be bloating, reflux, heartburn, nausea or they be having muscle aches and pains, which indicate poor digestion and absorption.


Tips for Preparing and Cooking It is better taken into the body in a dried state. Our product is fresh, mature, unripe green papayas that are washed and dehydrated after harvesting with the skin and seeds included. This method of drying ensures 100% nutritional efficiency with nothing lost in the process.

Although fresh green papaya can be added to curries, prolonged heating diminishes the effectiveness of the papain enzyme (heat kills the enzymes). Better to grate some fresh green papaya as a salad dish and add some fresh lime juice, a little salt and enjoy fresh from the tree. (see recipe below)


Adding Green Papaya into your daily diet If you can get it fresh, It makes a beautifully healthy fresh Thai green papaya salad when grated into a bowl and cashews, chili, coriander (cilantro) and a seaweed-based sauce is added to it. (the common recipe uses fish sauce).

Dehydrated green papaya in powder or capsule form is a great way to obtain all the goodness without the need to source fresh all the time.


Our pleasant-tasting Organic Powder is safe for men, women, and children to use with gastrointestinal problems including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and other inflammation in the digestive tract – diverticulitis, Crohns, celiac, and colitis.  It is also known to reduce blood pressure and increase energy levels due to the increased level of nutrients available for absorption in the small intestine. NB  Not to be used during pregnancy.



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Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians