What Do Linguine & Sundried Tomatoes and Coconut Pomegranate Panna Cotta Have In Common?

Never underestimate the power of inner desire which might appear dampened by ‘stagnant resolve’.

Food. No GOOD RAW Food can make the difference even if its just a picture or two of  beautiful creations. I know I am tempting you into admission that something about RAW is more than amazing.

I am nearly ready to ‘dish up the first 7Videos’. If you haven’t accepted my complimentary invitation to receive them, then a gentle pictorial prod is in order. Top right hand corner. 🙂

So tonight I prepared and served myself Linguine & Sundried Tomatoes with Pine Nuts and Rawparmesan cheeze. Mind blowingly amazing!!!

Followed by something equally extraordinarily beautiful. Taste was amazing. Words defy the sensory response I experienced because I know even you would be bowled for an ‘aghast six’ !!! Cricket language to the uninitiated.

Coconut Pomegranate Panna Cotta !!

A beautiful friend of mine thinks she’s stuck – stagnant resolve – so I helped her ‘unstuck’ herself with pictures and words of beautiful things for which we are all extremely grateful to receive. I feel that YOU might benefit from the same!!

I hope you have been unleashed into your today’s world with fire in your belly and a resolve to move forward!!

I invite you to accept my invitation to dine on the first of my 7Videos because I know your resolve will nearly be the same !!

About Scott Mathias.

I am a Noosa, Australia based RAW Food and Health Coach. As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a debilitating digestive disorder.   I founded iLifeFoods Pty Ltd, a 100% pure Australian Superfood Company and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more.





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