Welcome to The Raw Food Revolution

Welcome to The Raw Food Revolution

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Be Healthy. Live Raw.




  1. Many thanks Scott for the promise of the raw food recipe videos – awaiting eagerly! My son and his partner spoke to you at Sunny Coast markets very recently and having such bad arthritis at the moment, your advice was very welcome. Even though vegetarian for more than 20 years, I know there are further steps to be taken to improve health. Both my husband (a very healthy man with no particular health problem even though nearly 74 – I am almost 70) and I are looking forward to the possibility of a raw food diet – and will certainly give it a good try. (I imagine the occasional slip-up is OK?) Our great raw salads (basis always of lots of baby or english spinach) quite often include some steamed kumara and/or pumpkin and lightly blanched brocolli- oh, and kale).
    Again, many thanks – and looking forward to trying it your totally raw way and learning what you do – Kaz

    • TX or signing on Kaz and also thanks for your words. We are indeed here to support each other in our quest for en-lighten -ment which for me is all about eating more fresh live plant food on a daily basis. I can see and feel the difference in my entiure being. Videos are on their way… Kind regards Scott

  2. Mona Hawco Reply

    Thanks Scott ~~ looking forward to more. Love the positive energy and learning 🙂

  3. Bernie Walton Reply

    Scott,saw you at the Cooroy Festival today, I didn’t hear much of what you were saying
    ( I have a severe hearing problem) but I immediatly Felt that you were the “real thing”
    and could be my path to glowing health!,
    I love the possibility of eating natural and raw, I have tried before but failed through lack of variety and taste,
    I look forward to your video’s.
    Do you have a regular outlet where I can buy some of your products?
    Bernie Walton

    • Bernie..thank you so much for your kind words. I eat more words everyday!!! ..as I said ..just do one new thing each day….stay on contact..kindest Scott 🙂

      • Sorry Bernie…I didn’t answer all your query but I am at the Noosa Farmers Market every Sunday from 0600 until 1200 midday…look for the ilifefoods banner strategically placed near the German Sausage guy… 🙂

  4. Janet Robinson Reply

    Thank you Scott, I look forward to the recipes and also to following your style.

  5. Scott Mathias, I have to say your recipes always look and sound to die for , lol. Can’t wait to taste them! Thanks

  6. Mathias, I have to say your recipes always look and sound to die for , lol. Can’t wait to taste them! Thanks

  7. Hi Scott, thank you for this trial and I look forward to your emails.


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