Vanuatu Welcomes Australian RAW Food Chef

Noosa-Australia based RAW Food Chef, Author and Digestive Health specialist, Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP is making a whistlestop visit to Vanuatu next week for a RAW Food and Digestive Health talk and demo at the Coco Beach Resort, Paradise Cove, Pango, Port Vila.

“I am looking forward to meeting locals and visitors alike as a precursor to returning to run longer workshops based on my approach to self healing and my journey into a fully plant based lifestyle”, says Scott Mathias.

Beautiful beachside cabins at Coco Beach Resort, Port Vila

“45 years was long enough to be afflicted with daily reflux, bloating, indigestion, and skin and weight issues. A near death experience led me to find a solution, which enabled me to heal myself using 100% natural means.

Once understanding why I could not digest, what I now refer to as ‘old-world’ foods – meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed foods and sugar – I set out to firstly heal my gut function and then easily modify my daily food intake” says Scott, a Certified Holistic Health Counsellor and member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

“Now in my early 60’s, I feel like I did in my 30’s and I’m loving life to the fullest. All symptoms have gone… aches and pains, thyroid, weight and depression issues – all gone. I am living a happy, healthy and, above all else pain-free life, sharing my story at the same time teaching others about preparing the most amazing plant based meals. Vanuatu’s fruit and vegetables lend themselves to some wonderfully tasting food options”.

Port Vila fresh fruit and vegetable market
Port Vila fresh fruit and vegetable market

Scott is the Author of two books – ‘Understanding The Divine Gut’, published in 2012 and ‘Let’s Eat RAW’ Recipe book published by New Holland 2014. His recipe book has just gone into reprint after being received enthusiastically worldwide.

When: Friday 6th March

Where: Coco Beach Resort and Restaurant, Paradise Cove, Pango, Port Vila

Time: 1015 for 1030 start


Tel: +678 7777111


Scott is available for media interviews from Tuesday 3rd March by contacting Tina Schwartze Tel:

+678 7777111  Email:



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