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The Wonders of Green Papaya

Mature Unripe Papaya (papaya carica)

‘Most chronic illness is generated from the gut and in particular what enters your bloodstream through the intestinal lining.’

Since time immemorial, the Papaya (carica papaya), sometimes called Paw Paw has been a crucial ingredient in natural healing, and has also been part of the staple diet of many of the Planet Earth’s indigenous peoples.

Papain is the living proteolytic (protein seeking) enzyme within the flesh of green papaya and to a lesser degree ripe Paw Paw.

Miracle Fruit

From a scientific perspective, Papaya contains acetogenins that modulate the production of ATP or adenosine triphosphate in mitochondria of cancer cells.

The enzyme in the Papaya is also referred to as a ‘protein eater’ because that’s exactly what it does, as well as seek out ‘high energy’ users within the cellular environment.  An example of these types of cells are cancer cells that use high levels of electrical energy to stay alive; they have a higher electrical charge than a healthy cell which the Papain enzyme spots and sets out to destroy.  Parasites, protozoans (Malaria, Dengue, Ross River Fever, Lyme Disease) and Blastocystas also fit into this category.

Parasites and opportunistic bacteria are more prevalent these days, and are often overlooked in personal healing protocols but are ‘fodder’ for the Papain enzyme.

Papain is also known to support the breakdown of proteins in the gut.  The gut’s function is simply this; to break down both plant and animal protein.  If the gut is running slowly, or in a state of ‘emotional atrophy’, then the Green Papaya Powder taken straight after eating will take over the break down process and support the gut in its process of maceration (food breakdown).

This means the output from the gut known as ‘chyme’, will be 100% prepared to receive pancreatic and bile juices that further prepare the ‘gut mulch’ for nutrient absorption in the small intestine.

If the gut is compromised in any way, then much of the protein remains intact, flows by gravity into the small and large intestine, may lodge in intestinal loops and coils causing inflammation that bear the names of:

  • Diverticulitis
  • Colitis
  • Crohns
  • Celiac
  • IBS

The gut is a series of horizontal muscles that are powered by the electrical charge given off by the billions of bacteria that should inhabit that gut cavity.  However, due to diet, stress, the use of antibiotics, vaccine residue and negative emotional experiences, the gut slows down because the good bacteria have died off.

The fewer bacteria there is, the less electrical charge the gut has to draw on as it attempts to breakdown proteins – animal and plant based.

A major by-product of a poorly responsive gut function is higher than normally acceptable levels of acid in the GI (Gastrointestinal Tract).  Parasites love an acidic environment.  Rotting protein in the GI is food for parasites.

How Green Papaya Changed Everything

My Experience with Green Papaya Powder

In the thirteen years I have been using and talking about green papaya powder, I can confidently say that much of the population suffers from a gut issue characterised by reflux, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, digestive discomfort and intestinal pain.

For me, the response to taking green papaya powder was almost instant; after more than 40-years of suffering from digestive dysfunction, I felt relief the first time I took it.  It got better every night from there on, and gradually my gut became stronger and stronger. I  have also remained 100% meat free.

When I was guided to try Green Papaya powder, little did I know about the full extent of its wonderful qualities and attributes.

For much of my life I had trouble with a hiatal hernia and suffered from chronic reflux or GERD as it is now known.  If I had succumbed to a nighttime reflux attack those thirteen years ago I would not be here to share my story with you.

In fact, my health improved so much, that I decided to educate others and now produce my own, organic green papaya powders that are helping thousands of other people around the world today.

the wonders of green papaya paw paw

You too can begin to have some joy in your life again with expectations of a happier and fruitful life becoming the norm once your gut is functioning properly.

If you have any of the following symptoms,  then green papaya has the capacity to support your body towards its own healing:

  • Depression – not enough nutrients in the cerebral fluid to feed the brain
  • Thyroid Issues – the gland cavity is acidic
  • Bloating – too much gas is being created
  • Reflux – food coming back up the osophageal tract (spontaneous vomit)
  • Heartburn – burning sensing in the chest
  • Indigestion – pain and discomfort after eating means gut metabolism is slow
  • Belching – gas being released from the body
  • Flatulence – gas being released from the body
  • Muscular aches and pains – Fibromyalgia, Arthritis
  • Gout – residual acidity lodge in your feet
  • Weight issues – both too much and too little
  • Heart issues – High BP, arrhythmia (erratic heartbeat)

The above issues were once all symptoms I experienced.

In the last few years, I have introduced Pineapple to the Green Papaya Powder because it too contains a proteolytic enzyme called Bromelain.  At the same time, adding Turmeric which is a well-known anti-inflammatory spice;  this COMBO is great at hitting chronic inflammation quickly, and works as efficiently as straight Green Papaya Powder.

We use the entire Green Papaya fruit including Papain rich green skin, white flesh and yellow and black seeds.

Please do not accept my word alone about the benefits of using Green Papaya. Here’s what others say about Green Papaya Powder… TESTIMONIALS

GPP Pineapple & Turmeric Powder 200g

Green Papaya Powder with Pineapple and Turmeric


papain enzymes in green papaya powder improve gut health

Green Papaya Powder


If you’d like to obtain some green papaya powder, go to my online shop. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!

Informative Resources About Green Papaya

I would like to share some links with you that talk more about the benefits of green papaya powder.  Have a look and make up your own mind about how you’d like to approach your own healing, but remember to please canvas all options with your health professional.

Why Green Papaya? Here is another perspective on the wonderful attributes of this amazing fruit….  WHY GREEN PAPAYA?

Life is about making choices; none of them are better or worse, they are just choices.

I find choices tend to present themselves when knowledge about a given matter is present.  Everyone is different, and what may work for one may not work for another.  Call it ‘gut feeling’, then go with it, whether its allopathic medicine with a pharmaceutical treatment or another option like my dried green papaya powder. The choice is yours and yours alone.

You can purchase some now from my online shop.

scott mathias chhc aadp - the gut whispererI‘m a Digestive Health Specialist living in beautiful Queensland, Australia and teaching globally.  My journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a chronic digestive disorder. I proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing whole food plant based food.  Do join me in knowing more. I am here to assist you.


Improved gut function using the natural healing power of papain enzymes



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  1. Helen Helen Reply

    What do I take to go toilet I take vegetables fruits yet yet still find it difficult to go to toilet this happen most time where I eat certain foods eg roaste platain

  2. We have a lot of pawpaw around our house. Can I use some for the tea. Please should I dry it or boil it fresh. Thank you

    • Hi there ..yes by all means take the leaves and simmer them until water goes brackish green colour. Remove leaves and let the mixture coool down. Bottle and refrigerate. Drink 40mls daily or twice a day depending on the severity of the issue. I hope this helps?

  3. Judith Hagar Odoom Reply

    How can I get some of pawpaw powder in Ghana. Thanks

    • We only sell via our online store in Australia at the moment Judy. Perhaps a google search in your area will identify a manufacturer locally. Otherwise, we can post from here.

        • Inflammation of the myelin is not uncommon. In the first instance I can recommend you consider removing ALL animal products from your daily diet and concentrate on living whole foods.

          Often ‘protein based inflammation’ is because the gut is not breaking down proteins efficiently. The mostly animal proteins stay in the body and rot. Acidity levels increase and spread to very sensitive tissue such as the myelin sheath.

          The green papaya combination which includes pineapple containing bromelin and turmeric works fast on getting the gut to function and then seeking out and destroying ‘trapped’ protein in the body.

          A complete health assessment would also identify things in your lifestyle which you can adjust to support your desire for good health.

          Here is a link to me services.

          In the first instance I hope this helps.

  4. Judith Hagar Odoom Reply

    Hello Scott,
    Please can pawpaw tea cure ovarian masses with enlarged ovary? Thanks
    Judy from Ghana.

  5. helo Mr.Scott am from Nigeria ws diagnos of fibriod can i be taking green pawpaw n the water too? pls hw do I prepare d green pawpaw. tanks Katherine

    • Yes Katherine, Just take 1 flat teaspoonful of green papaya powder in 30-40mls of water. Drink this daily after your main meal until symptoms improve.

    • Michael B Rankin Reply

      I would recommend serrapeptase. Many people have tumors shrink or go away completely. Amazon sells it! I use it as a clease. I have no major problems. Best wishes.

  6. When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

    • Not sure why that’s happening Collene. Will ask our webguy to look into this. Thanks for letting us know. 🙂

  7. colinmcwilliams Reply

    Hi am reading this from hospital recovering from my first severe episode of Diverticulitis , I don’t want to experience this again so have been researching diet and helpful natural treatments, prior to this I have been troubled with digestive issues i.e. Reflux bloating and associated issues…..I was wondering if changing diet but starting some of your supplements could help with long term recovery? I should mention since being in hospital I have been pumped full of antibiotics to attack the deep set infection I have
    Best C

    • did you get on. My apologies for not seeing this earlier. I am hoping that you managed to get some of my green papaya powder into you, once a day after meals AND removed all meat, wheat, dairy and sugar from your diet. I offer a complete health assessment service which will provide you with the foundations for moving forward. Kind regards Scott

  8. that is wonderful. can this papaya leaf tea dissolve and clear fibroid as it can cure cancer. if yes please give me the direction and actual quantity in preparation of it. there is no specific quantity of water is it 1 litre or what please. i am intersted

    • Fibroids may respond to green papaya but I cannot say conclusively. There are a rubbery fibrous mass as opposed to a pure protein based cyst or growth. I am sorry I cannot be more conclusive…nothing ventured, nothing gained if you wish to find out for yourself.

  9. Pingback: How Tea Of Papaya Leaves Can Help In Lead A Better Healthier Life? « KibbyRestaurant

    • No I now choose not to eat any wheat or animal products. AS a RAW vegan I choose for my healths sake not to eat meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed
      foods or white sugar. I am healthier and happy for it. My recipe book ‘Let’s Eat RAW’ is how how I live each day. It is easy and more cost effective too.
      MY protein comes from all green plant food including hemp seeds. I hope this helps answer your question ?

  10. Thanks for your advise, somebody also advised me to cut the green pawpaw into a container add water after sometime then drink it. He said it will make me strong man even in old age, what is your advise on this?

  11. Hi Scott,
    My brother was told by his doctor he had 12 moths to live (asbestos’s on his lungs)
    He was told by an old fellow to try papaw leafs boil them etc.
    15 years ago that was at the moment he is caravanning around Australia.
    I love papaw to have them in my back yard. Here is what I do when I have reflux I take one or two teaspoonful of Swedish bitter within ten minutes it bubbles and gurgles and all is quite and sweet
    it is a 500 year old recipe 11 different herbs steeped in alcohol Maria Treben has revived this in Europe and recommends this in her books it cures 46 remedies and I would never be without it now

    • Hi peter,
      what happened when your brother started drinking the paw paw tea, did the cancer vanish? Was it a regular thing did he have to take it everyday?

  12. Hi Scott,Can you take too much of the green papaya powder? And is the tea as effective or more so than the powder? Does it help with a candida overgrowth? Do you deliver to the S Thanks, Lindatates? Do you give a detailed description on how you used the powder and the tea in your digestion book? Thanks, Linda

    • Dear Linda, Forgive my oversight in not responding earlier… I recommend a flat teaspoon in water after your main meals or as required such as when bloating occurs, belching or heartburn after eating food. If you are experiencing candida then GPP is ideal because as a proteolytic enzyme it seeks out fungus and bacteria and because they are proteins drawing more voltage than a healthy cell become an instant target. I have found the powder to be more affective than the tea. Yes I do deliver to the US cost would be AUD$55.00 plus postage of $18.00 for up to 2 containers of papaya powder weighing 150gm each. Each container would last 6-8 weeks based on the flat teaspoon approach. There is reference to the role that GPP can play in getting one’s digestion back on track in the book but no specific details. Its a functional fruit food in a concentrated form. I hope this helps you and again please accept my offline if you wish to move forward…cheers now from Noosa, Australia 🙂

  13. Dean Paten Reply

    Hi Scott,
    I’m very interested in what I have read so far on you and your journey to better health,
    I’m 44 and have been on Zoton for ulcers of the oesophagus since 1995 with camera down the throat twice, the last time in Jan this year, I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia last October when doing a medical for work. I have spoken to many people of whom haven’t given me any advise that has seen me get off this medication, one naturopath wants to take me on a journey which she stated could take a couple of years to find a cure, as you can imagine I haven’t returned to her practice.
    Any ideas or information on where I go from here would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks for your time.
    Dean Paten

    • In my case Dean I’d spent more than 40 years thinking that I would be suffering for the rest of my life. I found it was fundamentally a functional issue for me. My gut was functioning properly. I met a young man the other day who has been on another ‘gut drug’ for 11 years and didn’t realise that there IS a solution which for me was 100% successful. I took my green papaya powder every time after I ate food. But then I had already worked out that pork, red meat, chicken, cows milk and other dairy products, wheat products such as bread and pasta. I removed them entirely to give my gut an opportunity to ‘re-tune’ itself, find balance and function again. I have never looked back. For me, no doctor was able to help. They were only able to talk about the symptoms and not about the reason for the symptoms. I found the answers myself and so can anyone, including you Dean.

      • Hi Scott,
        I am interested about your raw food and gut whisperer and I was in love with traditional medicine.It surprise me when I am looking something new that require healthy aging in the future life. I was monitor for diabetic type 2 and sometimes I walkout in the morning and could feel my muscle pain and both feet especially when sleeping night and early morning.I don’t know if papaya leaves will help to use as a tea process.I love also planting different fruit trees especially papaya.So far I have 6 papaya plants at my backyard and I have to try your method.Please give me follow and I appreciate that way I could share to my neighbors and friends and vice versa. Thanks.


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