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Papain and Bromelain Digestive Game Changers – Message To Personal Trainers

As a Personal Trainer, Naturopath or Dietician, there’s a good chance that some of your clients may have a poor digestive metabolism, so your support in helping them recover and heal naturally will be paramount.

Who do you know who’s suffering with gut issues? Think about this for a few moments. Chances are you’ll be surprised whose names pop up and this article will help explain how and why Papain and bromelain digestive ‘game changers’ could be the very enzymes their body needs.

If that’s your goal, then read on….

Green papaya powders contains papain and bromelain enzymes.

papain and bromelain digestive enzymes are game changers
Papain (Papaya) and Bromelain (Pineapple) Enzymes – The Quickest Way to Heal The Gut Naturally!

Both of these naturally occurring enzymes help the gut return to optimum efficiency, as proteins begin to be broken down more effectively. This, in turn, removes or minimises the risk of gut pain, bloating, acid reflux, indigestion and the like.

Often high-performance individuals tax their digestive metabolism with protein-based supplements that their gut is unable to break down properly.

Sadly, many will consult doctors who may prescribe PPIs (Protein Pump Inhibitors) or Antacids to help solve this problem.

Since STRESS is a huge factor today, wouldn’t it make sense to teach your clients a safer and better way to improve gut health WITHOUT the use of products that are designed to treat the SYMPTOM and not the CAUSE.

You Can Play A Long-Lasting And Important Role In Improving Good Gut Health For All Your Clients.

The natural proteolytic (protein hungry) enzyme-based green papaya and green papaya with pineapple and turmeric products, work almost instantly on conditions such as bloating, reflux, heartburn and digestive pain. The product is delivered in 220g powder packs or 60 veggie capsules that are vegan-friendly too.

Papain and Bromelain enzymes also work downstream, where part of the small or large intestine have become ‘clogged’ with unprocessed protein supplements, thereby eating away at aggregations of undigested protein and killing off any bacteria that causes irritation and inflammation.

Taken straight after the main meal of the day, or directly after supplementing with proteins, the enzymes work away quietly breaking down food and returning the digestive metabolism to peak efficiency. 

These enzymes are also highly effective for clearing the colon and bowel of aggregated waste.

The benefits can vary from one individual to another but generally the following happens within 24-72 hours:

  • Energy levels return
  • Lethargy dissolves
  • Any muscular aches and pains dissolve – lactic and uric acid is dissolved by the enzymes
  • Post-exercise recovery is faster
  • General levels of nutritional absorption increases, due to better gut function
  • Re-hydration happens faster
  • Weight levels balance
  • Muscular configuration takes on new form as more nutrients are pumped around the body
  • Mental clarity increases
  • Food becomes easier to digest and more exciting to eat
  • The joy of exercise becomes easier and not seen as a chore
papain and bromelain digestive game changers
Helping your clients to understand the importance of Good Gut Health is paramount to their success!

As a personal trainer, you will begin to see your clients respond more effectively to your programs and directions and THAT will make your reputation grow! LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAMME HERE

Optimum health and fitness are the goal of all health professionals.

Get ahead of your competition by learning more about the importance of good gut health and help to ease and improve your clients’ problems quickly and easily using this 100% all-natural product that few people know about.

The benefits of papain and bromelain enzymes really is a Game Changer and is probably one of the best kept secrets of our day.

PLUS… YOU will have the added comfort of knowing that all our products carry a 100% money back guarantee too!! IT ONLY WORKS!

For further information and direct zoom chats, I am available for two-ways and personal consultations taking an integrative approach to food and lifestyle. I am also available for group Q and A’s with you and your group. Contact me direct and let’s see how we can help grow your business through clearer awareness around good gut health.


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Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Author and Gut Whisperer. He is a former journalist and researcher who self-healed 45yrs of chronic digestive issues.



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