The New 1/4 Pounder & Healthy Change !!

Would McDonalds introduce a non-animal 1/4 Pounder if people all of a sudden turned away from the meat burger?

Vine ripened Beef Steak tomatoes filled with avocado and herb cream!!

The hamburger conglomerate would be in a lot of pain if people began to shy away from eating the meat burger.I bet they would change their offering in a heart beat. They would look inside their operation and see profits diminishing quickly. That’s their sort of pain. So let me ask you this simple question. If the pain became so great for you would you seek an internal personal solution and make some changes?

I met a man last weekend whose wife at first approached me to talk about his chronic digestive issues and the impact of a recent stroke. At first the gentleman walked off and not until his wife ran after him and dragged him back did we get talking. I retold my story about the pain associated with changing something which remains painful in the body. I actually went for many years thinking my GURDS, chronic acid reflux and food regurgitation, was something I would just manage, like putting on my socks in the morning. Then the pain of living with this constant agony became unbearable, SO I sought change, did my research and found a solution which I began administering to myself, without medical interference (read: pharmaceuticals!!). The meeting ended on a very warm and friendly note and I’m sort of hoping the guy got the message and is working with some of the solutions I used to heal myself. I love talking with men who show the courage to stop and share their pain with me. A lot of men have digestive issues which for some inane reason they put up with, sometimes its too late and they pass over far too early, leaving loved ones to mourn their passing – quite unnecessary.

I love finding new ways to prepare live plant food, including the humble carrot.This is a mock salmon I did recently – it looked and tasted almost like smoked salmon -simply doused in Shoyu and lime juice and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Just delish!!

Making changes to one’s daily diet is relatively easy when, like McDonalds, the pain becomes too great. Form a new systematic approach by doing your own research and implementing a change a day for 30 days – that’s 30 changes in a month!

If you would like to learn how to use food as your primary healing tool then I invite you to take a moment to download my complimentary RAW food recipe videos. You never know you might have just save your own life. CLICK HERE  or leave a comment or EMAIL ME direct for a free initial consultation.

I‘m a Digestive Health Specialist living in beautiful Noosa, Australia and teaching globally.  As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a chronic digestive disorder.   I founded, a 100% pure Australian Super Cell food Company, and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more. I am here to assist you. :)



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