The Highland Lassie's Gone from Haggis to RAW in 30Days Straight!!

So… what has she eaten in recent days..check plates out!! A RAW Samosa – curried flavoured spinach in a cheesy sauce – YUMBO!! Totally weight reducing.

You can’t blame her for traveling 16,000 km’s and really enjoying her time here at RAWHq in the Hinterland of Noosa, about 150kms north of Brisbane, the state capital of the Australian state called Queensland.

Her 30days turned into 3 months!!

RAWHq is more than a pretty spot; its a SANCTUARY! This haven of RAW inspiration is so energetically inclined that its difficult NOT to be affected or infected with the passion for RAW that this guy holds. So when the lassie from Scotland RAWKED up just before New Year, she had no idea what she was letting herself in for, but to her credit she trusted totally what the universe was preparing to deliver to her.

From Day 1 she allowed her body to accept the smoothies and the beautifully prepared food which the Hq has to offer.  Not once did she ever have the same thing – that’s how versatile RAW is.

OK..Ok…here is a before and after pic of the delightful Clare Darwish.


There is one major downside to living a RAW Lifestyle….oversized clothes don’t fit anymore. Clare is returning to Scotland with empty suitcases after donating many of her ‘obsolete’ clothes to the Salvation Army Op shop!!

12kgs of adipose tissue – more than 24 pounds of butter fell off Clare in the time she spent at RAWHq. Her joy and purpose for life has returned and I have noticed a ‘lightness’ in her being.

For the record she takes no meds whatsoever but then I don’t either – No diabetes – No blood pressure – No cholesterol – No NOTHING out of balance with her body!!

She has been a model ‘student-guest’ and not only brought joy to Toasty and myself but many others who came into contact with her since she has been here.

And, another favourite of Clare’s is this avocado and cucumber topped with sprouts served with mushroom/walnut medallions and wasabi nut sauce – Clare was speechless and weight less!!

Clare returns to Scotland now much lighter in so many ways – a body which has found its natural weight and cellular disposition. The good news is that she has invited me to Scotland in August to run some classes – oh and we will be organising something for London as well.  All totally exciting.  Watch this space!!

About Scott Mathias.

I am a Noosa, Australia based RAW Food and Integrative Health Coach. As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a debilitating digestive disorder.   I founded iLifeFoods Pty Ltd, a 100% pure Australian Superfood Company and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more.



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