‘Oh my gosh i’ve finally stopped dribbling over these recipes and started making them…. the mousse is divine! why the heck have we been using eggs/sachets for mousse?! avo’s are far superior, more nutritious, more filling and this took NO TIME to make!!! thanks so much for the raw inspiration!’
Claire M. New Zealand

‘It really helps me to see you make the seeded bread, Scott. I read recipes and read recipes but have a hard time getting up the gumption to do it. The videos really help. Thanks.
Diana Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

‘I watched Scott demonstrate his seven free videos. I had recently attended a wonderful raw food day with Kara Kristi who has inspired me to up the game of preparing fresh yummy tasty enzyme rich nosh. When I saw Scott’s video’s my enthusiasm grew even more and I am noticing my energy levels increase as I eat more & more fresh fruit, vegies & nuts. I loved the simple way Scott showed us how to prepare this delish food. I have made the seed bread, wonderful. But I highly recommend Scott for his passion to get his message out. All this has given me great appreciation too for the amazing farmers who contribute the food that is so fresh & abundant around us on the Sunshine Coast.
Suzie Donkin, Sunshine Coast, Queensland

‘Scott, Thank you so very much for taking the time to create this menu and your book. It has come at a very important time for me in my changing lifestyles such as food and exercises.  God bless you.
Elizabeth Johnson

‘I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about preparing Raw Foods and the benefits of them.. already addicted to good health, being a creature of habit, well aware of cellular nutrition, working in the wellness & fitness industry, eating Raw Foods is certainly a no brainer, and I enjoy being around like minded people who want to heal themselves.   Thank You again for sharing your wisdom & knowledge.
Victoria Cuzzubbo, Gympie, QLD

‘Thank you for encouraging us to try the green papaya. I can’t believe the immediate relief we both have from using it and even more amazingly how much better my moods are. I feel I have my life back and can’t thank you enough. We will be back at the market for more products in 2 weeks. Other members in my family back in NZ are also interested.
I have often seen testimonials for products but to be honest it has never happened for me until now. I am still in a state of disbelief and keep waiting for it to wear off or something. It is hard to describe to someone just how much suffering digestive problems cause both physically and emotionally and the effect this has on coping with everyday life. I honestly thought I was destined for a downhill path and couldn’t find a way out despite huge effort with diet and expensive supplements. Perhaps my comments would appear overly dramatic but it is real for me. I know it is still early days yet but I now have a base to work from and it feels right. Thanks again from the heart. Karen, Tewantin, QLD

“Being very sceptical about most things in life, when I saw the Green Papaya Powder at the Noosa Farmers Market stating below it that it could help with acid stomach & reflux issues, I wondered if this could be true. I’ve used Omeprazole or Pantoprazole daily for at least the last 10 years and hated the fact this just relieved the issue rather than fixed it. I decided to go “cold turkey” and really test the Green Papaya Powder. I have now had 9 days without meds and had no acid attacks. I feel this is remarkable given that all I’m doing is having one teaspoon of Green Papaya Powder diluted in water at the end of each day. I will be trying to improve my diet now to incorporate more ideas that Scott recommends – anything is better than letting the big pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits without healing me.” Myles Beaufort, Salisbury, QLD