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Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 9 looks at what a raw food diet can do for your skin!

In Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 8 we talked about the importance of organic foods.  Today, I want to talk about what a raw food diet can do for your skin.

Did you know that the largest organ in your body is your skin?  It provides a protective covering for the other organs of the body. It changes to regulate your internal body temperature and it’s a good indicator of our overall health and well-being.

The cosmetics industry is huge, with people spending thousands of dollars on topical skin care products every day.  These products promise to give your skin a vibrant, healthy glow, but they’re not the key to having smooth and youthful looking skin.  They are simply… cosmetic!!

The simple fact is if everybody spent just a fraction of the money they spend on these preventative cosmetics  on healthy fruits and vegetables, we would all have great skin.

When you eat raw foods, you put more of the essential vitamins and amino acids your body needs into it.  You’re also adding moisture naturally.  As we discussed in a previous issue, raw foods have a much higher moisture content than cooked foods, simply because the cooking process takes away so much of the essential moisture that naturally occurs in food.

Did you know that your skin is a mirror of what’s going on in the rest of your body?

Clare Darwish, Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 9
The Raw Food ‘Glow’

Eating fresh fruits and veggies is paramount for healthy skin.  Raw Food Chef Russell James began his career after finding the remedy for his acne was to eat raw food and so many of our market customers testify that after taking Scott’s Green Papaya Powder to clean up their insides and by eating more fruits and veggies uncooked, serious skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis and Dermatitis simply disappears.  Here’s what one customer has to say about his experience…

And when your organs and blood are fed the nutrition they need to function properly, that shows in your skin.  Get your vitamins and moisture from foods like apples and carrots.  When you do, then phrases like “inner beauty” and “inner glow” will be applied to you.  Your skin is what’s presented to the rest of the world and healthy, glowing skin makes the best first impression.

When you start adding raw foods to your diet, things will just naturally fall into place.  You’ll feel better. You’ll look better.  People will react to you more positively – Scott and I are often complimented on our youthful raw food ‘glow’.  You’ll have so much more energy for your work, your friends, and your family.

This kind of energy is a self-perpetuating thing.  You don’t need self-help books, expensive moisturizers and plastic surgery to look your best, because when your body and skin are getting their essential nutrition from raw, uncooked foods, you’ll look and feel your best, naturally!

Fresh Fruit & Veg, scottmathiasraw.com, raw food diet, raw vegan diet, Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 9
Health Skin Needs Fresh Fruit & Veg

Make sure you look out Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 10 when we’ll be talking more about eating organic foods on a raw food diet.  I know we discussed this in Step 8 but it’s really essential that you educate yourself about the many, many benefits of eating organic food!!

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask a question or share this information.  Leave a comment in the box below… we’re here to help!


Scott Mathias & Clare DarwishClare Darwish moved to Australia from her native Scotland to be with her Business and Life Partner Scott Mathias.  Scott is an author and creator of raw vegan recipes and Clare takes care of the online marketing and social media aspects of their business.  The 61 yr old mother of two boys, has made a major transformation in her own health and lifestyle since moving to Australia.  She now assists Scott at his fortnightly Raw Food Masterclasses, blogging and encouraging others to follow her example and embrace a healthier, safer lifestyle as she enters her Golden Years



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