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In the last post we talked about the difference between being a vegetarian and going on a raw food plan.  Today, in Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 7,  we’re discussing why you may not need as many fluids when you consume a raw food diet.

When you start eating more raw foods, you may begin to notice that you’re not as thirsty as you used to be. You’ll soon discover that you don’t need as much water or other beverages as you normally would.

There are several reasons for this, including the fact that raw foods such as fruits and vegetables naturally have a higher volume of water in them, so when you consume them your body is getting the hydration it needs from them.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking water or other healthy beverages.  It just means you won’t crave as much of them.  As with any diet and lifestyle changes it’s very important that you listen to your body.  It will tell you what it needs.

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 7 | Scott Mathias | Raw Food Teacher
If you’re overweight, sluggish, tired, depressed, your body is most likely telling you to make some dietary changes.  Consuming more raw foods will help eliminate many of the side effects that you experience from
eating an unhealthy diet.

Did you know that overwhelming thirst can be the symptom of Type II diabetes?
*If you experience this symptom over a long period of time, please see your doctor immediately.*

When you start consuming more raw foods, with a higher fibre and moisture content, you’ll experience more positive effects like losing weight, more energy and vitality along with less thirst, fatigue and body aches.

If you’re not overweight, or don’t have Type II diabetes, you still might find you’re not as thirsty as you used to be.  First of all, if you’re drinking water and juices, you’re not consuming caffeine, which is so dehydrating and makes you thirstier. And by not consuming as much in the way of cooked foods or especially processed foods, which have astronomical sodium counts, you won’t be as thirsty either.

Incidentally, did you know that Type II and in some cases Type I Diabetes can be healed in less than a month?  Check out this documentary about the revolutionary work by Dr Gabriel Cousens… seeing is believing…

By consuming more raw, uncooked food, and pure water and fruit juices, you’re putting your body into  balance.  Keeping sodium to normal levels found in foods means you’ll start to require a more balanced amount of water.  Instead of thinking of this as changing or taking away, think of it as adding balance, and it will make the process of going raw and eating healthier much easier.

Next time, we’ll be talking about the importance of organic foods, so stay tuned 🙂


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