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Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips – Step 3

In the last blog post, we we talked about why you should consider switching to a raw food diet.  Today, we’re going to talk about processed foods and why we should avoid them.

Most people never even consider the effect that eating processed fried food has on their body, let alone what it does to their blood. While I was doing research for this article, I spoke to my good friend Maria Waldock of My Life Blood and she sent me some pictures of blood plasma after a fatty meal and let me tell you it’s not a pretty picture. Healthy blood plasma is supposed to be translucent, but after eating a fatty meal it looks very cloudy.

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 3 healthy live blood cells
Healthy Live Blood Cells
Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips -Step 3 unhealthy red cells
Red Cells showing Rouleaux

(Pictures courtesy of My Life Blood)

What most of us don’t realize is that even seemingly healthy processed foods are often loaded with hidden fats, sugar and sodium. So even though you may think that the healthy prepackaged snacks that you buy in the store are good for you they may be quietly wreaking havoc in your body.

Let me ask you a question, how do you feel after eating a great big cheese burger and fries from your favorite fast food restaurant?  Do you feel like you need a nice long nap?  It’s no surprise, because all of that extra fat drags you down and makes you feel sluggish.

While the thoughts of going on a diet may bring up negative feelings and make you think that you have to give up all of the foods that you love to eat it’s important to consider some of the good things you do when you go on a diet.

– You stop eating processed fatty foods.

– You start eating more fruits and vegetables.

– You cut out soft drinks, sugary beverages and drink more water.

When you do this the end result is increased energy, better brain function and less need for sleep.  As you may recall me mentioning before, processed, fatty foods are hard for your body to digest.  When you eat them they take an enormous amount of your energy to consume. When you don’t eat them you don’t use up all your energy trying to digest them so you have more available for work, play, exercise and more!

Many people dread the thought of changing to a healthier raw food diet, but in fact you don’t have to make drastic changes in your lifestyle to begin feeling the benefits.

All you really have to do is take a good look at what you normally consume in a day without even thinking about it.  Most of us will reach for some chips, drive through a fast food restaurant or grab a pizza when we want something in a hurry and not even consider the impact we’re having on our bodies.  But once you realize what you are doing you can make small changes that will help break those habits.

Raw Vegan Lifestyle Tips - Step 3 Raw Pizza
Tuscan Pizza with Cauliflower Base

One way you can avoid the fast food trap is to keep healthy snacks within your reach. Do you remember when you were little and your mum packed your lunch?  She always included a piece of fruit and some carrot sticks! Well, just because you’re all grown up doesn’t mean you can’t do that too.

Pack yourself a bag of fresh veggies, apple slices and some cashews, peanuts or walnuts to help you get through the day.  Your body will thank you for it and reward you with more energy and a much more restful sleep.

Be patient.  At first, grabbing healthy snacks may not seem as appealing as hitting the drive-through or grabbing a Snickers on your way out of the store, but in time you’ll actually crave healthy snacks over those fatty, sugary ones that you’ve grown addicted to.  Just give it a try!

Make sure you look for your next issue soon.  We will be talking about transforming your kitchen to accommodate your new raw food lifestyle.

Until then, EAT well to BE well!

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