raw vegan chefs at workYou may have noticed the tremendous increase in demand for Vegan/Vegetarian and raw food recipes.  Not just here on the Sunshine Coast but it’s a worldwide trend that’s growing at a huge rate right now!  Just yesterday I heard from a club chef that he’s sacked his boss and is going it alone.

His desire is to clean up his own palate and help others with health issues…. what a great challenge to set yourself.

All this interest means that there’s a huge shortage of knowledge in traditional restaurants and that’s why more RAW Food Recipe creators are in big demand right now!

I’m thrilled to be associated with this wonderful initiative by Lucy Walter and her Team at the Raw Food Institute of Australia and can tell you that this ‘global’ ONLINE COURSE is very, very popular! I Iook forward to meeting some of the qualifying chefs in the months ahead.

But where can you learn how to prepare and present healthy RAW Food Recipes?  The answer is right here… right now!  Just click on the link below for more info.

A long line of A-List celebrities are probably partially responsible for this but I’d like to think that it’s the ordinary man and woman in the street, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who is now taking responsibility for their own health that’s really creating the demand.  And about time too 🙂


Good Health!

Let's Eat Raw - Scott Mathias
Scott Mathias CHHP. AADP
RAW Food Advocate & Chef

Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and a member of the  American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  Scott is a Digestive Health and Raw Food Educator who takes an integrative approach to solutions, based on functional aspects of the body and his own ‘self healing’ experience which led him to create his own iLifeFoods range of plant-protein healing products.  A former television network presenter both in Australia and New Zealand, Scott is the author of ‘Understanding The Divine Gut – How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health’ and the acclaimed, ‘Lets Eat RAW’ Vegan recipe book.  Scott  lives in Noosa, QLD with his partner Clare and his 14yr old Maltese/Shitzu dog ‘Toasti’.



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