Raw Vegan Meals Recipe Book by Scott Mathias


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Scott’s newest Recipe Book is now available!  Beautiful images accompany the easy to make recipes that are ‘menu’ based. Check below for some examples.  ORDER YOURS NOW!

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Raw Vegan Meals is the title of the latest Recipe Book by Scott Mathias

Scott’s latest recipe book “Raw Vegan Meals ‘ has arrived on the bookshelves!!  Raw vegan food is entirely plant-based and uncooked so as not to destroy the all-important nutrients that  nature has provided. Scott Mathias embarked on this way of eating after a lifetime of digestive woes,embracing the vegan journey that has changed his life.

In this recipe book, Scott shows you how to create delicious meals that are all raw and vegan friendly in an easily accessible way. The meals are designed as a menu of small bites all themed around an international cuisine, plus mouth-watering dessert recipes and sauces that will form the base for many a meal.

Beautifully presented,these recipes will inspire every one to try a raw food diet,whether it be for one day a week or for the rest of your life.

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Scott Mathias is a digestive health specialist, RAW food chef and author.  Formerly a broadcast journalist, he is now an authority of virtually every aspect of the digestive system.  He has sought and found a better way to live consciously by choosing to eat food that will benefit him with 100 per cent of their nutrients and now serves up his delicious raw vegan food in Australia’s first GoVegan Deli in Noosaville.

He became a raw food chef and educator after suffering from his own chronic digestive illness. He was inspirationally guided to create the most beautiful and tasty food he could, that just happens to be plant nutrient-rich food, such as fruit and vegetables that is 100 per cent raw.

Raw food is any plant food such as fruit or vegetables, including sea vegetables, nuts and oils. Raw food is not cooked in any way. When you prepare raw plant-based dishes you are receiving 100 per cent of the nutrients and they are directly benefiting your body.



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