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Online Classes with Scott Mathias Join Our Online Club

Online Classes with Scott Mathias Join Our Online Club


Join our online global community of healthy eaters! Learn how to make simple healthy raw dishes from the comfort of your own home.  Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free recipes delivered fortnightly. Live webinars to help you understand how your body works and what causes pain and discomfort in the gut (your body's alarm bell)!!


$9.95 first month  SAVE $10!!

($19.95 after your first month)

(Type “masterclass10” in the coupon field when you “checkout” to get your first month discount)

$159.00 per year SAVE $80!!


Raw and Vegan Cooking Classes

Join our brand new online vegan cooking classes and learn how easy it is to flip the switch and start making simple, healthy choices that heal your body and help you maintain optimum wellness. Join up to our new online masterclass membership so you can:

  • Get your gut working properly: Remove those annoying symptoms like indigestion, heartburn, bloating, eczema, IBS, diverticulitis and even diabetes (all indications that the fan belt has slipped on your ‘concrete mixer’)
  • Lose weight naturally: By understanding how your body reacts to certain foods and learning why eating more fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is so important, your body will adjust to its’ natural weight without counting calories.
  • Learn the how as well as the why: Learn to cook as we work through a range of delicious raw and vegan With two video recipes each month, delivered every fortnight, you will gradually integrate the right foods in an enjoyable and educational way. This is relaxed eating at its best.

Online Member Benefits

Members who sign up to learn about raw and vegan cooking also receive access to a great range of online resources and extras.

  • There is an “ask Scott” webinar every fortnight for members and guests. During these broadcasts we’ll discuss:
  • How your body works
  • Why people are getting sicker
  • How to take control of your life
  • Emotional eating
  • Information on providing support for someone in your family who is suffering
  • Gaining confidence with vegan and raw cooking
  • Simple, easy recipes to help you make the change gradually
  • Sweet, sour, salty, savoury, creamy, crunchy meals that will have your taste buds dancing
  • Health issues
  • Foods that support your body like the wonderful green papaya
  • Foods that harm your body
  • Interviews with other holistic health professionals
Professional Partnerships

I have partnered with some seriously clever and genuine people who have also healed themselves and now spend their time encouraging and inspiring others to take control and get well now. Now you can benefit from our combined knowledge, which has been adapted into raw and vegan cooking classes.


My first book ‘Understanding The Divine Gut’ is an anthology of the reasons why the planet is in so much trouble with food security. In it you’ll learn what we can do as individuals, to improve our own health and the health of the planet today and for future generations. It’s powerful, provocative, and contemporary. A free download is available to all members of our cooking classes.

Member Deals

You will automatically receive discounts on selected products like green papaya powder for each month of your online membership. You’ll also receive a free Acid Alkaline Chart to learn about the pH of your food.


Members can also participate in live events here in Queensland and throughout the country.


If you’re tired of the medical/pharmaceutical merry-go-round and want to live a long, healthy, happy and pain-free life, then join us now. Regular prices for our cooking classes are $19.95 per month and $239 per year. Currently, we have several fantastic introductory offers available including:

  • $9.95 for your first month of classes (save $10)

(Type “masterclass10″ in the coupon field when you “checkout” to get your first month discount)

($19.95 after the first month)

(Your account will be charged monthly, so there’s no need to worry about missing out and you can cancel any time – no tie-ins)

  • $159.00 per year of classes (save $80)

For more information on our online classes, books or nutritional products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Online Classes

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