Oliver’s Real Food Delivering Healthy Food to Thousands of Aussie Drivers

It has been widely accepted that Aussie drivers looking for healthy fast food whilst traversing the country’s highways and byways was near impossible.

Oliver’s Real Food Delivering Healthy Food to Thousands of Aussie Drivers
One of Oliver’s 27 Real and healthy food outlets on the east coast of Australia

The existing overseas brands have, until now, had fast food all to themselves, but their offerings are now being challenged as discerning folk demand clean, green organic vegetarian food.

Established in 2005 by New Zealander, Jason Gunn, Oliver’s Real Food now has 27 roadside stores spread along the East coast of Australia, all strategically positioned for easy access from motorway systems.

Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (Ticker Code = OLI) in 2017 this company is managed daily by Jason Gunn, CEO and his wife Amanda, Operations Manager.

Stores and distribution centres in three states service this remarkable and innovative food service operation dedicated to making Planet Earth a better place. At the same time each store dispenses a friendly service and a sense of ‘belonging’ setting it apart from the ‘other’ fast food outlets less committed to making a difference.

Oliver’s website sums up their vision and mission quite clearly:

Oliver’s Real Food Delivering Healthy Food to Thousands of Aussie Drivers. 
Jason Gunn Oliver's Real Foods CEO
Jason Gunn, Oliver’s Real Foods CEO

Oliver’s Real Food is a dynamic, mission-driven company that aims to set new standards of excellence for fast food retailers. Our motto ‘Feed Your Good’ emphasises that our vision reaches far beyond just being a good retailer. Our success in fulfilling our purpose is measured, in part, by customer satisfaction, team member happiness and excellence, improvement in the state of the environment and local and larger community support’.

Whenever we travel south on Queensland’s Bruce Highway, Clare and I always stop by their Maryborough store knowing we are ‘safe’ in ordering food that meets our organic and vegan needs.

More good news from the Feed Your Good team is that you can now purchase many of Oliver’s products online. Visit their website for a list of organic goodies you can buy now –>> www.oliversrealfood.com.au

Oliver’s Real Food Delivering Healthy Food to Thousands of Aussie Drivers
Buy your favourite Oliver’s Products online now.

This is unique in the commercial scheme of things but understandably, Oliver’s board sees the strengths of this dynamic duo committed to ‘Feeding The Good’ of the thousands of drivers and their passengers who traverse the east coast of Australia each day.

Check out their locations at OLIVERS WEBSITE and make sure if you see their bright orange and green leaf trimmed logo, pull over, take a break and do your body and your Planet a favour.

FACTS: https://www.oliversrealfood.com.au/

IMAGES: Public Domain

Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Counsellor, Author and Gut Whisperer. He is a former journalist and researcher who self-healed 45yrs of chronic digestive issues.

This article has been created as a service to our readership and customer base. No reward or favour was received in creation of this information.



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