Mushroom Nut RAWSTI - To LIVE and LOVE for !!

When something you undertake turns out so well and you feel you haven’t even tried hard to make it so, then LIFE becomes so satisfying. This was the case when in the last 24hrs I made 8 beautifully formed Mushroom Nut RAWstis’ or Nut Loaf to the uninitiated!!

The ingredients are so simple and when you watch the video which can be seen underneath the pic of this masterpiece you may take some notes and then go and perform your own miracle. But essentially its about mixing equal proportions of soaked macadamia, cashew and almonds together (soak over night). Adding mushrooms, a red onion, some carrots and seasoning. Remember quantities are determined by how many mouths you have to feed and with RAW you don’t get any food shrinkage. What you prepare is what you eat.

While it might take 6-7 hours to dehydrate the RAWSti the idea is you make more than one meal’s worth. The others can be kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator for future use.

Now would you like to hear from me about what it was like to eat such a delectable morsel ?

This recipe along with others will feature in the 30 Days to RAW video series coming your way soon.

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About Scott Mathias.

I am a Noosa, Australia based RAW Food and Integrative Health Coach. As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a debilitating digestive disorder.   I founded iLifeFoods Pty Ltd, a 100% pure Australian Superfood Company and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more.



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