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IT’S basically the middle of winter; it’s freezing so the thought of eating only cold food is not that appetising, yet some health experts swear by it!

Raw foodism is quickly becoming the hottest trend in health right now, while a raw foodist is a term for people who only eat between 75%-100% raw food, not consuming anything that has been heated, warmed or processed in any way…. FOODIES DO IT IN THE RAW

Understanding The Divine Gut - How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health

‘Understanding The Divine Gut – How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health’

The Virtues of Following A Tasty Raw Diet – Noosa News April 2014 Article

RAW Recipe – Ryzogalo (Greek Rice Pudding) – Holistic Bliss


COMING SOON!  Published 9th July 2014

Scott’s first RAW Food Recipe Book – LET’S EAT RAW

Let's Eat Raw - Scott Mathias

Sunshine Coast Real Food Festival

13-14 September 2014

Check out the Nourishing Ideas Event, where Scott will be delivering his ‘In The Raw’ Presentation

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