Healthy Gut Bacteria – Why It's So Important

Healthy Gut Bacteria

Are you aware that inside your gut cavity live trillions of bacteria, both valuable to gut function and also harmful (pathogenic)?  How to we create healthy gut bacteria or microbiome?  Read on….

More and more attention is being focused on the three key functions arising from the presence of good gut bacteria.stomach and intestinal tract - healthy gut bacteria

  • Gut bacteria are thinking all the time – they identify food as it enters the gut and make a decision on how to break it down and also decide whether it’s good for the body or bad for the body.  Have you noticed more references to the gut being the second brain of the human body ?
  • Gut bacteria generate electrical energy, which powers up and supports the maceration process (breakdown through the action of smearing the food to create chyme –liquid food).  Without adequate good bacteria the gut will not ‘fire up’ to begin breaking down food.
  • Gut bacteria need to tap into what are known as SQ (sulfoquinovose) sugars to support the production of electricity.  SQ is found in leafy green vegetables.  Every year, the huge amount of SQ produced around the world by leafy green vegetables – such as spinach, kale, watercress and many others – is comparable to the total annual global production of iron ore.

There are links down below which support what I am saying here.  One from Dr Joe Mercola who cites one of this planet’s foremost gut authorities, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a Russian-trained neurologist and nutritionist based in the UK.  Her work on healing autism using food and gut function is widely reported.

I have known innately the gut is driven by electricity – energy needed to literally drive the movement of the gut when food arrives down the gullet.  More importantly I have innately known actual electrical charge production only occurs when the gut biome (mass bacteria) is in balance.

Recently a breakthrough in this understanding presented itself and I felt a sense of inner relief.

Researchers from the chemistry and physics department at Harvard University tracked bacteria ‘blinking’ on and off when certain circumstances presented, such as more or less acid, or a gut environment counter to the acid/alkaline balance in the gut.

The researchers altered a light-capturing protein found in marine microorganisms and, inserting it into the E. coli, immediately they could see single cells change their electrical state – negative to plus and visa versa.  What they saw totally amazed them.

Stress causes acid levels to rise and fall, thus affecting the functional efficiency of the gut muscle and its ability to break down food.

There is also a growing body of research, which clearly shows that consumption of concentrated animal protein into a gut that’s not working, causes ‘bacterial trauma’ releasing dead animal pathogens (bacterium) into the gut, further complicating issues and leading to disease.

healthy gut bacteria - leafy green vegetables contain billions of good bacteriaDid you also know that there are literally billions of good bacteria on the surface of ALL green foods?

The more green foods you eat – with more organic or spray free vegetables being the best for you – the greater number of wonderfully healthy gut bacteria will begin to inhabit your gut cavity.

So when your gut is full of healthy gut bacteria and is working properly, is not overloaded with food, it will literally ‘capture’ all the good bacteria from the greens you eat and help support the ‘turnaround’ of bacteria in the body.  Did you know that almost 95% of your body waste (faeces) is made up of dead bacteria?  Their recycling process is therefore very important and yes things like sauerkraut and kombucha help maintain levels of good bacteria, but are not the complete answer.  The answer lies fairly and squarely in the guts ability to work properly.

I know a lot about gut function because I lived with gut issues for much of my life.  Ten years ago after my near fatal reflux attack I immersed myself in ‘everything gut’.  In the first instance I owe my life to GREEN PAPAYA POWDER, which has enabled me to become the person I am today.

HERE’S A LINK to finding out more about the benefits of this amazing fruit, in its dehydrated green form, and the eradication of disease and discomfort.

I am now available for personal consultations adopting an integrative approach to ideas and recommendations you may choose to follow enabling you to successfully self heal as I did.  Here is the link to find out more ===>> CLICK HERE

References: – Nexus – Mercola – Leafy Green Sugars (SQ) – LiveScience – LactoBacto – Benefits of Green Papaya – Book a Consultation with Scott



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