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Every day I come across articles from experts in the Health and Wellness Industry, hi-lighting the many and varied health problems which abound. Everyone is affected to some degree or another, by illness.  If not in their own body, we sure as heck have family members or friends who are struggling with weight problems, cancers, skin conditions and stress.  And who hasn’t felt depressed at some time in their lives?

While some suffer more than others, there are solutions out there that allow EVERYONE to live a fit and healthy life, should they so desire!

The global success of Australian businessman Joe Cross, creator of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, is testament to the thirst for knowledge around self-healing through plant based proteins and, in Joe’s case, JUICING.  Whilst neither Scott nor I advocate juicing on a long-term basis, it is extremely advantageous to ensure that all the fibre is included in your morning juice.  There’s some tips to help you understand the do’s and don’ts of juicing in Scott’s blog post a few weeks back – 5 Reasons Why Juicing Is Unhealthy.

Scott Mathias, Clare Darwish @ Noosa International Food & Wine FestivalAs we are now in our early 60’s, we have a much gentler approach to staying healthy.  Our breakfast each day consists of a freshly made tropical fruit salad (because we live in a sub-tropical biosphere here in Noosa, papayas, pineapples, mangoes, strawberries, blueberries are always readily available).

We make up a nut milk using organic cashews which, when soaked for 30mins to 1hr, make a delicious ‘milk’ when blended with water – 1 cup of cashews/2 cups of water.  It keeps well in the fridge so you can make larger quantities if you have a family to feed.

Lunch is when we have our main meal and this always includes a freshly made salad with lots of leafy greens, tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, spring onions, pepitas, pine nuts, olives and whatever else we have on hand.  A nutritious and delicious ‘cheesy’ topping is made by blending Nutritional Yeast, Australian Lake Salt and either Brazil or Macadamia Nuts in a ‘dry’ blender.  This also stores really well in a glass jar in the fridge, so make a good quantity… it doesn’t go off.  Great to add to soups and sandwiches as well.

In the evening, we will have a light snack of perhaps home made seed crackers with avocado or home made peanut butter or often we just snack on nuts.

For most people, our ‘diet’ would probably seem scarily light as we only eat about 20% of the volume of food we used to ingest when we were both much heavier than we are now. Scott lost nearly 25kgs and I shed 14 kilograms.

IMG_2560We never count calories and we don’t have a set of bathroom scales either… there’s no need when you know you’re eating good, clean, vegan cuisine each and every day.  Nor do we take any supplements or vitamins.  Everything comes from the food we eat.  A topical spray of magnesium chloride after showering keeps muscles relaxed and it’s also great to rub into the soles of tired feet to ensure a good night’s rest.

A lot of stress is removed when you know you’re healthy inside and out. We just need to look at our reflection in the mirror each morning, and tune in to our bodies to know if we’re lacking anything.  Although we don’t have cravings for certain foods, a notion to eat a certain food, whether sweet or savoury, is usually a sign that our body is after the mineral or vitamins contained in the food eg. cacao has high levels of magnesium so that’s my excuse when I reach for the raw chocolate treats we always have on hand. 🙂

Thankfully, Scott and I are often complimented on our glowing skin and clear complexions.  That’s the VEGAN GLOW … and it’s freely available to everyone.  Simply eat clean, organic or spray-free (where possible) and don’t overload your system by over consumption.

TIP:  If you can’t find organic or spray-free fruit and veggies, simply soak them in a little Apple Cider Vinegar to kill off any harmful pesticides.

By the way, you don’t need to be 100% raw nor do you need to remove cooked food altogether.  Why not make a commitment to be 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30.  A plate full of uncooked, wholesome veggies alongside a warm vegetarian pattie or vegetable curry is just fine.  It won’t take you long to discover that you don’t die if you don’t eat meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed foods and white sugar.  You’ll survive a lot longer and feel a lot fitter if you don’t destroy the nutrients in your food through cooking.  In fact, you’ll soon realise eating this way has many, many more benefits that I can post in a blog.  If you try it, you’ll know – if you don’t try, you won’t know.  It’s as simple as that.

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Clare Darwish was a single mum to her 2 sons for 23 years before emigrating from Scotland to Noosa in 2012, and at the ripe old age of 59!!  She now works alongside her partner Scott Mathias, supporting him in his work as a Digestive Health Coach and Raw Food Chef.  Clare looks after the website and marketing side of their business allowing Scott time to create new and exciting recipes, as well as keeping a good supply of plant protein digestive healing aids on hand for his clients and online customers.  The ethos Scott and Clare have adopted from the father of medicine Hippocrates is “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”.  They both travel throughout Queensland to deliver health talks and practical food demonstrations to the growing tribe of people with an interest in natural healing through food.  You can connect with Clare directly by leaving a comment below or sending a private email to



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