Why I Feel 25yrs Younger

Warning: Reading this page could seriously IMPROVE your health. Read on to find out WHY I feel 25 Yrs Younger!

This year I am 59. I never imagined becoming 60 years old. Right now I feel so far away from what ‘they‘ said I should be feeling its plain ridiculous. Either they lied, were full of BS or wanted me to become part of the ‘commoditised human disease chain’. Well ‘UP them’ !! I have no meds whatsoever – no blood pressure tabs, nothing for my prostate and am NOT a diabetic. Alien biological disorders from another age !!

Since we last connected, a lot of banana skins have gone into my Bokashi kitchen compost. iLifeFoods continues to grow with understanding as more and more people report amazing success with products such as the Green Papaya Powder and the amazing VegeShot, both aimed at the great red dot in the middle of your gut called ‘On the Way to  Excellent Health’.

My own Integrative Health and Raw Food Coaching also continues to expand with an amazing amount of understanding and growing awareness from many people that ‘what they eat is what they become’ and what they eat is their medicine.

My products and my Raw Food lifestyle are my constant companions each and every day at a time when there is such a lot of major ‘old world’ changes taking place around me. Each day I awake to a large glass of water followed by an ever larger glass of my most favourite RED smoothie.

I do not do juices. I believe much of the nutritious value is lost during the juicing process – fibre is also removed. My smoothie making starts with a base of frozen banana. I then add a few other available seasonal fruits such as pineapple and papaya. I will add a sachet or two of my VegeShot crystals.  At RAWHq here in Doonan, between Eumundi and Noosa in Queensland, Australia, there is NO DAIRY, NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR or WHEAT products in the house. Obviously there is no meat. So there is no dairy in my smoothie.  I no longer need meat, dairy or wheat products and guess what?  In no way is my life impacted because of not consuming those products, which I feel in so many ways have contributed to the sickness we currently see on the planet.

But back to my morning smoothie – it is NOT GREEN, it is RED and for good reason… REDs derived from fruit and vegetables are called anthocyanins – these are antioxidants which bring so many benefits, none the least boosting energy levels and re-hydrogenating the gaseous field around every cell in your body. Varying sources put the count at between 50 and 100 trillion red and white blood cells in the body. Each is supported by its own gaseous fields called the morphogenic field which is largely made up of hydrogen gas. The richer in hydrogen ‘nutrient’ this field is, the healthier you will be.  The more hydrogen exists then the more actual cell replication slows down and the healthier your DNA remains.  In other words REDs or Anthocyanins are pure nutrients for your entire body.  I feel without a shadow of a doubt that I have slowed down my body’s aging process by drinking more REDs and consuming a nearly 100% RAW plant-based food intake.

So, what else do I graze on during the day – I no longer really sit down to a conventional breakfast, lunch or dinner… that  is ‘old world’ to me now. Meat and three veg went by the way years ago.

  • I eat what it seems my body wants during the day.
  • If I feel hungry, then my body is telling me it requires more energy which is derived from the food particles I consume.
  • I eat only food which my body tells me is part of my healing process – food which sustains my bio-system in all ways.
  • I have no cravings this way, because I have created a balanced relationship with my body rather than be dictated by old ‘food thought patterns’ or by mass media
  • RAW has allowed me to become more in tune with my entire being – body, mind and soul.
  • My levels of connectivity with all plant based food
  • My food intake is far from boring!!
  • RAW is my Lifestyle.

Check out some of the ways I honour the RAW plant based food I take into my body each day.

This way of eating sweet potato or zucchini (courgette) is one of my favourites – I call this Sweet Potatocinni with Aromatic Basil Garlic and Chilli.  I treat this as if I were eating a wheat-based product in terms of seasoning except this is not a durum wheat fettuccini – it is RAW Sweet potato spiralised from a hand held GEFU brand spiralli device.

Ok I hear you asking. Where do I get my protein from ?

  • I get everything I need from my plantfood – fruit and vegetables.
  • I consume a lot of green salad type vegetables
  • I only buy my fruit and vegetable from my local farmers market and I get it fresh and have a large variety.
  • Kale is my favourite protein supplier – 8 x more protein than dead animal flesh.
  • I also like to use Asian vegetables.  My favourite at the moment is the Ong Choi.  This is a leafy green grassy like vegetable with hollow edible stems. I chop it into a beautiful salad adding my own seasoning base of apple cider vinegar and lime juice.

So,  would you like to find out more about how you can make changes to the way to eat which in turn may change the way your life and interact with everything around you?

I am currently writing a book which contains a blend of my own musings and is solely based on RAW – both transformational for me and, I’m sure, for you. It is jammed packed full of beautiful pictures and simple, easy-to-use recipes. However if you are expecting an old fashioned approach to new wisdom then forget it!!

This book is challenging to say the least and one in which the primary cause is built into each and every word – my ‘PROLONGED, EXCELLENT AND PAIN FREE HEALTH’.   Is this something you would like to experience?

While it is coming together, feel free to sign up for my newsletter ( top right on this blog page ) so that you can continue to receive extracts and recipes ‘on the go’.  If you’d like to know more about my iLifeFoods Super Cell food then click on this link.

How about learning how to prepare RAW food which not only looks fantastic it tastes even better ? To find our more… click here.

Scott Mathias HC. AADP is a trained and certified Integrative Health and RAW Food Coach based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. He consults to clients around Australia including conducting seminars, public speaking engagements and RAW Food demonstrations. His special areas of interest are Life Balance and the Digestive Function – He conducts Raw Food Classes at his beautiful home in Noosa, Queensland and he is also the creator of an all Australian range of 100% PURE Superfoods from www.ilifefoods.com.



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