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    1. Donna Jennings Reply

      Hi I would like to order buy the special buy 4 papaya turmeric pineapple powder get 2 free. I’m having trouble ordering it , cheers Donna

      • Robin Manson Reply

        I am a New Zealander who met Scott at an outdoor market about four or more years ago. I was recovering from a bowel cancer operation and had a lengthy conversation with Scott and purchased a 150 g container of Green Papaya powder. I have taken the powder occasionally when things `gut wise` seemed a bit off . I have always been impressed with the result.
        My container is now empty ( and has a best before date of 1116) !! so I am looking for a replacement.
        Which of your range now would be the most like what I bought then ?
        Do you send product to N Z ?
        I am keen to get some more and will wait for your instructions before ordering. I am 77.
        Robin Manson

    2. robert bailin Reply

      how about a detailed your fod map list-there are some many about what foods?

    3. Can i get the buy 3 get 1 free if i get 2 of each flavour?
      Is there a stronger benefit for digestion in one over the other? Or they have the same digestive strength?
      What do they taste like? I.e. which has a better flavour etc.
      I bought the pineapple one a few years ago when it was granules and i enjoyed eating it directly off the spoon!
      Many thanks,

      • Yes, we’re happy to mix your order. just add a note in the Special Instructions section of your order and we’ll pick it up.

        Thanks for your order Melissa.


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