Receive Your 7 Complimentary Raw Food Recipes

Receive Your 7 Complimentary Raw Food Recipes


If you’re interested in improving your digestive or general health, losing weight through eating natures delicious and nutritious foods, or you just want some more exciting vegetarian and vegan recipes, then these complimentary recipes are a great way to start.

Making the change to eating raw food is much easier than you think when you know some essential tricks and tips.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get:

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  • A Raw Chocolate Mousse for those who love dessert.
  • A Beautiful Buckwheat and Tropical Fruit Breakfast for those with a breakfast cereal habit.
  • And another 5 fast and easy delicious Raw Recipes from “The Raw Food Revolution”
  • Plus… a surprise bonus recipe.

Just complete the form on the right and you’ll get instant access to your Complimentary Recipes.

I look forward to seeing you in the other side.




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  10. Hi Gwen..putting my Health Coach cap on for a moment…first of heartfelt congratulations and support
    for your choice to change something in your life.Take it from me, one is never too ‘mature’ to make changes however. I did by taking small steps each day. I also remained focused and strong in the face of detractors and external forces such as TV , newspapers, radio and RELATIVES!! Now I found if you have the support of the later you feel more capable of making a go of attaining good health and having a long and happy pain free life.

    May I offer this recommendation and that is rather than juice for the moment do a fruit smoothie each morning which might contain just 2 bananas, a large slice of fresh pineapple, some seasonal fruit which at this time of year might be an orange, grapefruit or season berries. Do your best to remove ALL noxious ‘old world’ staples such as dairy, meat and wheat products – believe me you will not perish. Look to add more greens such as spinach, broccoli and kale to your diet…simple salads to start with and then pick up on some of my recipes and become a little more adventurous. I hope you find what I have shared with helpful. This was my approach and it worked!!! btw you will get your protein from your greens. This will be the first question the ‘naysayers’ will ask!! Kale, spinach, almonds, hemp seeds…

    Think no thoughts other than every time you open your mouth to put food into it , ask yourself ‘will this help heal my body’ Remember everything you eat becomes your blood!!

    Be healthy be RAW.


  11. Gwendolyne Reply

    I am just getting my head around raw food living. I believe it to be the best diet but having eaten one way for 53 yrs, the habits of shopping and cooking and taste changes are daunting. I have many health issues, the main one being Inflammatory joints pain and swelling,with muscle pains and skin sensitivities. I have heard SO MANY stories of relief when following a raw diet that I would like to try. Getting started ???? I thought I might juice as the arthritis has degenerated my jaw joints so chewing is difficult but looking forward to see you videaos. Thankyou so much, If I can reduce the intolerable levels of pain and medication I take I will be forever thankful to you. Gwen

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