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Anti-Inflammatory Benefits Of Asparagus – Why you should add asparagus to your regular diet!

By Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP

All naturally occurring foods seem to be designed by nature to undertake certain functions inside Human biology, none-the-least, the humble ASPARAGUS, so why not add asparagus to your regular diet. This article discusses the anti-inflammatory benefits of asparagus that you probably aren’t aware of.

Asparagus is a highly alkaline food, that is ideal for removing toxins from the bladder, kidneys and, at the same time affording protection for the liver.

China and Peru are the world’s largest producers and exporters of asparagus. 

Asparagus is a flowering perennial plant belonging to the Asparagaceae family.

Did you know that only 20 of the 300 varieties of asparagus are EDIBLE?

Coming from two of Planet Earth’s oldest cultures, asparagus has long been known for its anti-inflammatory qualities. In fact, it has appeared in ancient records as far back as 3000BC in Egypt.

anti-inflammatory benefits of asparagus
Asparagus has been used to treat conditions like arthritis and rheumatism.

It also supports the reduction of inflammation of the urinary tract and is also useful for nerve pain and swelling. This is called neuritis. 

For the scientifically minded, asparagus has a truly unique combination of anti-inflammatory nutrients such as flavonoids: quercetin, rutin, kaempferol, and isorhamnetin.  

Asparagus is rich in saponins compounds including asparanin A, sarsasapogenin, protodioscin, and diosgenin.  Sarsasapogenin is being researched for its potential benefits for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Motor Neurons disease is also known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  

Recent research indicates that inflammation can be responsible for the death of motor neurons in ALS.

Inflammation is often associated with the development of a disease, including cancer.  

It causes changes in cells that lead to tumor development and progression.

This means that reducing inflammation is ideal to maintain cellular health.

Asparagus is a highly alkaline food with an ability to scrub out the bladder, kidneys, and assuage the liver.

It is loaded with an amino acid called asparagine that helps to cleanse the body of toxic waste. That’s why some people’s urine can have that unpleasant odour after eating asparagus. This is the smell of toxins being removed from your body.

anti-inflammatory benefits of asparagus
Pain seared asparagus with sundried tomatoes and macadamia nut cheese drizzled with balsamic

Great for diet and digestion too!

‘Inulin’ is a carbohydrate present in asparagus that encourages the growth of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, which are two bacteria that increase the absorption of nutrients. They reduce the risk of allergies as well as colon cancer.  

It helps to prevent unfriendly bacteria from taking hold in our intestinal tract.

Moreover, a 226gm or 8 ounce serving of asparagus contains more than 11% of the RDA of fibre and almost 10% of the RDA of protein.

The healthy fibre and protein content in asparagus stabilises our digestion, inhibits excesses, keeps a low amount of sugar in the blood and prevents and minimises inflammation constipation.

Add asparagus to your regular diet to ensure that your body receives the anti-inflammatory support it needs.

Asparagus is high in VitK and VitC.

A cup of asparagus also contains only 43 calories.

Asparagus forms the basis of a number of really amazing whole food plant-based dishes and its anti-inflammatory benefits are many and varied.

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Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Author and Gut Whisperer. He is a former journalist and researcher with a penchant for thought-provoking stories

When someone is ill and all logical potential solutions proposed by the medical fraternity dry up and you’re told that you’ll never get better or you’ll have to take certain drugs for the rest of your life, how does that make you feel? Can you go from sickness to wellness under your own steam? I believe you can and with a little help from papain enzymes, I turned my own life around in a year.

Have you, or someone close, had this experience?

Alas, today it’s all too common. When doctors have tried everything that the text books tell them and there’s still no improvement or the cancer returns or the organ finally fails, there’s not a lot more they can do.

All through my 45yrs of chronic illness, somehow I knew that the solution wasn’t going to be in the doctor’s surgery. I did have a Barium Meal when I was a teenager and that was enough for me 🙁 I opted for natural remedies and eventually found the perfect solution to self heal.

I changed something in my own mindset many, many years ago and always knew the the solution would appear once I knew what was causing my illness. Sounds a bit esoteric… and it is!!

Firstly, I am not my body. This wonderful biological computing device called the human body is just on loan to me.  When I began to see my body quite objectively and as an independent living and breathing ‘data processing device’ my approach from sickness to wellness and healing changed.

taking a body from sickness to wellness is possible by self healing

I began to see my body as a recipient of good quality nutritional data quite complimentary to the successful working of everything.

Just as your laptop needs really clear and concise data put into it, so too the body!

I learned that my gut only receives good quality plant based data, designed by nature, to be recognised by my gut computer in the first instance. Then separated and combined nutrients in the form of vitamins, minerals, fats and starches which are absorbed by the small and to a minor degree, the large intestine.

So while I have been praising the virtues of green papaya powder as an aid to self healing for all of the last 11 years, it’s great to hear what other people have to say about using this wonderful miracle of nature. Hear what Maureen has to say about her green papaya fruit powder experience.

Maureen’s Testimonial ~ Polyps & Diverticulitis disappear after a few months on Green Papaya Powder

EVERYTHING about good health rests on the ability of the gut to breakdown proteins and this, combined with the role of the pancreas to provide hydrochloric acid and the liver (gall bladder) to provide bile for further interactive breakdown, means optimum functionality.

From a purely integrative perspective, what is or isn’t happening in your gut is often impacted by stress associated with external issues going on in your life.

Many people I see complain of their past impacting on their present day emotions. From personal experience, this is massive for so many people.

I have deduced that ALL negative emotional experiences, particularly from an early age, are trapped in the body.

So, getting your body FREE of emotional discord is one thing via meditation and exercise along with introducing different choice mechanisms. Getting your gut working again is another.  Here’s what another client says about her green papaya experience.

76yr old Carol Carter attributes her good health to Green Papaya Powder

Will Self Healing work for you?

Let me be quite emphatic with the following words.  Green Papaya powder is not just another product.  It is a true gift from nature.  It is one of nature’s real miracle fruits.

Is it the ‘end all and be all’?  NO, not by a long shot.  It’s just one aspect of taking personal responsibility for your own health and healing.  

I had a client recently return from her Doctor – yes she has feet in both camps of belief – where he said that she would never be cured of her malaise.  Sickness to wellness was her goal! In Australian Aboriginal folklore there are stories about people having ‘bones pointed at them’ – in other words cursed by the words and thoughts of others.

Did my client have the bone pointed at her?   Well only she will decide that, but I do believe she is beginning to understand that her body’s wellness lies within her own reach.


No Doctor can do what I do for my body each day.  Off the end of my fork and from my mind come the very tools needed for successful healing.  I believe that we literally do become what we eat.

So, what are you eating? In order to change from sickness to wellness sometimes, it only takes a few small changes in our diet but a huge shift in our belief system will go a long, long way to helping us heal. You’ll find some complimentary raw food recipes here!

Here’s to your good health!

If you’d like more confirmation of the wonders of green papaya powder? CLICK here and learn more.

If you have any queries about the efficiency of green papaya powder please feel free to email HERE.

Scott Mathias is an Australian based Certified Holistic Health Counsellor, Author and Gut Whisper.

The US Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated statements in this article and information shared is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Learn How To Ease Bloating Naturally and Quickly!

Bloating is a symptom or a signal that whatever you’ve just eaten isn’t being broken down and is causing a build up of gas in your stomach. In this article, you’ll learn how to ease bloating, indigestion and acid reflux naturally… and quickly!!

You’ll notice that it doesn’t happen every time you eat.  But why does it happen at all? Firstly, it’s because certain foods are easier for you to digest that others. Secondly, bloating is caused by a buildup of gas in your stomach. That means that the food you just ate isn’t breaking down quickly enough. In short, this may be due to too much acid or too little acid in your gut.

If it happens every time you eat, chances are you could have a serious issue going on and that you probably don’t travel too far without antacids. 

Let me explain what I know about gut function.

In simple terms, everything you eat enters your gut within about 7 seconds and the acids in the gut start breaking down the foods. 

Most people are aware that fruits and vegetables break down very quickly and are usually out of the system within 24 hours.  Right?

Animal proteins like meat, eggs and dairy ie milk, cream, butter and cheese, take a lot longer.  72 hours to be exact!!

Therefore, when we eat too many animal-based products, fatty foods, fast food or sugary foods and, let’s not forget, ‘alcohol’ which are all lacking in ‘life force’, that means we will send the gut muscle into a state of spasm causing it to literally blow-up due to increased levels of acidity.

Some folk suggest that drinking lemon water helps because, as soon as it enters the body, the citric acid becomes hyper-alkaline thus reducing acidity. But this is just a temporary aid.  However, there is a long-term solution.

Bloated Stomach Remedy: Drink this straight after your main meal each day and see bloating disappear.

Bloating can easily be fixed completely by doing the following …

a) increasing your level of food awareness, in other words knowing what foods trigger that bloated feeling

b) getting your gut muscle to work properly again. Is your gut doing it’s job? Does it break down the food you eat quickly and easily? If your answer is no, then your gut muscle is running slow.

Learn How To Ease Bloating Naturally!

The method I found works best and quickest, is a little known fruit that’s high in papain enzymes which get to work breaking down those undigested proteins straight away.  In fact it is so powerful, that it’s often used in the meat industry as a tenderizer.

Papain enzymes are found in mature but unripe Papaya or Pawpaw, Papayas grow in the topics.

When the fruit is still green, that is the time to harvest it, as the fructose levels are low and the papain levels are high. 

Since not everyone lives in a hot climate, green papayas can be difficult to find and they can also be very expensive to buy.  If they grow in your backyard, then make good use of this powerful fruit provided by nature and make a tasty Green Papaya Salad with a little limejuice squeezed over the top.

If you’re not able to find the fresh fruit, then worry not.  For example, green papaya powder is now available in powder and capsule form and has usually been dehydrated or dried in the sun then ground into a fine powder and packed. 

Although it’s not very well known, it is nonetheless one of the best ways to ease symptoms like bloating, indigestion, heartburn , reflux and a whole host of other problems that emanate from the gut. Likewise, green papaya powder will work on more serious or chronic condition too when taken over a period of time alongside a change to healthier diet.

Bromelain is another Proteolytic enzyme that is found in Pineapples.  Yet not everyone has easy or regular access to those either, so bromelain is even more rare than papain!!

Where can I find some?

Today, you can buy Green Papaya Powder and Green Papaya Powder with Pineapple & Turmeric in a dehydrated powder or capsule. That means it is 100% nutrient dense since nothing is lost in the drying process.  Turmeric, of course, is anti-inflammatory so excellent for those more painful conditions.

green papaya pineapple + turmeric capsules

You can find these products right here on our website or check with your local health store or pharmacy but do check the labels to make sure that your getting 100% organic powder without preservatives or anti-caking agents. Check our online store for more info.

How long does it take to work?

In most cases, relief comes almost instantly. Most people report feeling better after just a few minutes. However, we are all different, so be patient.

As you begin to eat healthier and take the it regularly, the green papaya powder will release trauma from the gut muscle by taking over the breakdown process. Therefore, over time, the gut muscle will get stronger allowing proteins, including ALL ‘green’ proteins to breakdown completely, and thus improve your levels of nutritional absorption through your small intestine.  

Maintaining good health is easier when the body is absorbing nutrients properly and no protein waste gets stuck in the body causing acidity, discomfort and pain.

Bloated Stomach Remedy: Drink this straight after your main meal each day and see bloating disappear.

green papaya powder by scott mathias

Green Papaya Powder is what helped me on my journey to good health after a two very severe acid reflux attacks a week apart.  Bloating was also a constant for me. When I took my first teaspoonful in a small glass of water, my bloating settled down within a few minutes.

I decided to take it every day after I ate and the reflux attacks stopped too. The relief I felt was amazing!

It meant that I could eat out with family and friends without the worry of having an attack or having to leave the table quickly to throw up if I did.

I honestly don’t think I would be alive today if it weren’t for the humble yet miraculous papaya fruit.

Over time my gut muscle strengthened and life changed for the better.  My condition was extreme and you can read more about that here ….  The Wonders Of Green Papaya

‘No one need suffer any longer’.

Seasonal celebrations always bring out the worst in our diet. Let’s face it celebrations like Christmas, New Year and public holidays through the year see us putting more and more mucus forming foods on our tables.

What are mucus forming foods?





White Sugar

Scott Mathias Author, Let's Eat Raw‘I avoid all mucus forming foods – I take no medication and I become clearer and clearer each day’.

Whilst the festive season is recognised for its very special ‘ill-health’ attributes, doctors in the US have concluded a study into the very effect unfortunately called the ‘Christmas Kill Effect’.

Heart attacks are more common at this time of year particularly as a result of coronary artery disease – where fatty plaques build up in narrow arteries to the heart. When plaque ruptures it triggers a blood clot, which leads to heart failure. Plaque also builds up inside the intestinal tract, which in turn puts extra pressure on the heart.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, and Tufts University School of Medicine examined 53 million U.S. death certificates over an 18-year period. What they discovered was an overall increase of 5% more heart-related deaths during the festive season. While other holiday periods showed increases in death because of heart failure – the Christmas/NY period showed the highest increase.

What does plaque look like?

The image below shows what plaque can look like inside your intestines. It’s not a pretty sight.

how to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

Here’s a closer look at what most people have inside their intestinal tract. Believe me this is not for the feint hearted but in essence a build up like this WILL ultimately stop your body working properly – it can KILL you.

how to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

Recently I came across a post on Facebook talking about Professor Arnold Ehret’s, mucusless diet.  My kind of information.

Some of you who follow us closely to pick up snippets of good quality information will know that both Clare and I recently completed a 7 day grape fast interspersed with colonics.

You should have seen what came out and while it wasn’t intestinal plaque (and why should it be because both of us have followed a healthy diet for much of our adult life), it still wasn’t pretty including pockets of ammonia and parasites of all sizes and proportions.

Yes even in a healthy body, parasites can reside, perhaps left over from my growing-up days in New Zealand in the 50’s and horrendous amounts of meat and dairy product.

What are some of the indicators of too much mucus or plaque in the body?

Check out this girl’s facial appearance, which at any time shows me as a Gut Practitioner, more about what’s  NOT happening in a body than anything.

I cannot tell you how long it took for her to look a very changed person but from a personal point of view; it took me 12-18 months to really see changes occur inside and outside of my body. Today I look clearer and younger than ever to remove mucus forming foods from your diet

So what is mucusless food – firstly what it is NOT… is meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed food, white sugar, white rice and eggs.

What doesn’t support the formation of mucus is:
  • Ample daily seasonal fruit either whole cut fruit salad or in fibre based smoothie form – a bowl of chopped fruit in the morning not only allows simple carbs to get to the brain but also the enzymes in the fruit help release waste from your bowel.
  • Ample daily green vegetables paired with natural flavours – sweet, sour, salty, creamy and crunchy. Check out my amazing recipes books on my web sites – recipes are simple and all ingredients are easily obtainable.
  • The inclusion of small amount of nuts – almond, cashew and seeds like sunflower, buckwheat (yes it’s a seed) and pepita (pumpkin seeds). I say small amount – literally a small hand full of almonds a day is all the body needs for simple proteins, vitamins and trace minerals.
  • The inclusion of small amounts of oils like olive, hemp, moringa and natural occurring foods, which contain good plant based oils such as avocados and olives. Plant oils, for me, help ‘lubricate’ my innards and support my body’s need for amino acids.
  • 3 of my recipe foods are free from mucus forming foods.  Check out my books here and add them to your kitchen library.

How to prepare these foods in a way that remains exciting and entertaining is the secret and in the coming months we will be showing you close-up and personal, ways to get the very best from your healthy fruit and vegetables.

In the meantime we would like to gift you this link to 7 FREE ‘all plant based’ recipes from my Let’s Eat RAW and RAW Vegan Recipe books, also available online through both my and websites.

how to remove mucus forming foods from your dietFREE RECIPE Link CLICK HERE – watch videos and download pdf’s to help you make a start.

It’s time to train your brain into feeling what good health feels like.  There is NO inevitability around disease.  I can assure you that there is another chosen path, which comes when you make changes, simple changes and YOU can begin right now.

Diseases related to autoimmune disorder and problems with your immune system is a huge cash cow for pharmaceutical drug companies who pull in billions of dollars every year from the so called healthy industry.  Medical practitioners see each of these immune disorders as isolated as do the legalised drug companies.  This is big business today.  The question is, do you have an autoimmune disorder?

Did you know that just ONE dysfunctional process in the human body is responsible for the existence of these symptoms?

What is autoimmune disease?

immune cells under attack cause autoimmune disorders
Immune Cell

Autoimmune disorder or disease can show up under many titles.  The main cause is a reduction in the number of good bacteria living in the gut, which determine how the gut responds to food.  When the gut ‘system’ is not working properly, in a bio-bacteriological sense, the body’s immune system starts to attack healthy cells out of delirium or what I refer to as ‘bio-confusion’.

Why does this occur?

The immune system normally guards against germs like bad bacteria and viruses, and when it senses the presence of these bad bacteria, it sends out an army of white cells to attack them.

Normally, the immune system can tell the difference between foreign cells and our own healthy cells.

However, if the immune system is deficient in good bacteria, which can be derived from the surface of all green foods, healthy soils and airborne bacteria, then the system is thrown out of balance and, over time, will result in some form of autoimmune disorder.

Today’s modern lifestyle has become so sanitised and convenient that even good bacteria are being killed off before getting into the body.

There are a number of other factors killing off good bacteria and causing autoimmune disorder or disease.  None the least of these are the amounts of antibiotic or ‘anti-biota’ administered to a human body along with pesticides and herbicides.  Other household poisons and even airborne pollution can also be a factor.

Vaccines contain ‘anti-biota’ including mercury and these toxins are very harmful to the body if given in high doses or on a regular basis.  Ironically, they are often administered to the body by the medical profession, in order to protect it.  The human body has become a wealth transference vehicle to the detriment of life per se.  In other words, our sick body becomes a wealth generator for the drug companies.

When bio-inflammation (inflammation inside the human body) occurs as a result of the body’s reduction in its bio-armaments, then problems begin to emerge. These autoimmune disorders are commonly known as:

  • MS – Multiple Sclerosis
  • Celiac
  • Crohns
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes Type 1 and 2
  • Leaky Gut
  • IBS
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Lupus
  • Alopecia
  • Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Hashimoto’s
  • Reflux
  • Eczema
  • Lung Conditions
  • Bronchitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Tonsillitis

Do these sound familiar?  I’m sure you or someone you know has suffered from one or more of these conditions either now or in the past.  Sadly, they are becoming increasingly common today.

autoimmune disorder happens when healthy cells are under attack
Healthy cells (blue) attacking sick cells (red)

How can I heal my body of autoimmune disorder?
  • Eat only healthy green and living fruit foods gathered or purchased from a known source.
  • Remove ALL inflammatory food from the daily diet, which includes meat, wheat, dairy, grains, processed foods, sugars and eggs. Many of these food sources are what I refer to as ‘resurrected proteins’ – from animals that have ingested green proteins in the form of plant matter, reprocessed it into fat and muscle. The animals are dead when this occurs.
  • Wheat is at the centre of studies into the amount of poison sprayed on it weeks before harvest. This poison is called glyphosate in the form of the well known Monsanto product called Roundup
  • Remove all opportunity for digestive trauma to occur by supporting the food breakdown process.
  • Start to integrate healthy enzymes that will help to break down those undigested proteins in your gut and that will allow the gut muscle to become stronger over time.  (I used papain enzymes which can be found in green papaya powder.  I took a teaspoonful in water once a day after my main meal.
  • Seek to remove yourself from the old world ‘food and nutrition matrix’ by empowering yourself through a new choice and decision making process.
  • Seek new ways of preparing food simply and researching ways to obtain ALL your nutrients including proteins from green living food.
  • To minimise the risk of developing autoimmune disorder, become aware of everything you put into your mouth on a daily basis.  Get into the habit of asking yourself “will this harm me or heal me” and you’ll soon find yourself drawn only to foods that support a healthy immune system.

For further information on the benefits of papain enzymes, CLICK on this link and learn how to get your gut working again in a natural way.

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Healthy Gut Bacteria

Are you aware that inside your gut cavity live trillions of bacteria, both valuable to gut function and also harmful (pathogenic)?  How to we create healthy gut bacteria or microbiome?  Read on….

More and more attention is being focused on the three key functions arising from the presence of good gut bacteria.stomach and intestinal tract - healthy gut bacteria

  • Gut bacteria are thinking all the time – they identify food as it enters the gut and make a decision on how to break it down and also decide whether it’s good for the body or bad for the body.  Have you noticed more references to the gut being the second brain of the human body ?
  • Gut bacteria generate electrical energy, which powers up and supports the maceration process (breakdown through the action of smearing the food to create chyme –liquid food).  Without adequate good bacteria the gut will not ‘fire up’ to begin breaking down food.
  • Gut bacteria need to tap into what are known as SQ (sulfoquinovose) sugars to support the production of electricity.  SQ is found in leafy green vegetables.  Every year, the huge amount of SQ produced around the world by leafy green vegetables – such as spinach, kale, watercress and many others – is comparable to the total annual global production of iron ore.

There are links down below which support what I am saying here.  One from Dr Joe Mercola who cites one of this planet’s foremost gut authorities, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, a Russian-trained neurologist and nutritionist based in the UK.  Her work on healing autism using food and gut function is widely reported.

I have known innately the gut is driven by electricity – energy needed to literally drive the movement of the gut when food arrives down the gullet.  More importantly I have innately known actual electrical charge production only occurs when the gut biome (mass bacteria) is in balance.

Recently a breakthrough in this understanding presented itself and I felt a sense of inner relief.

Researchers from the chemistry and physics department at Harvard University tracked bacteria ‘blinking’ on and off when certain circumstances presented, such as more or less acid, or a gut environment counter to the acid/alkaline balance in the gut.

The researchers altered a light-capturing protein found in marine microorganisms and, inserting it into the E. coli, immediately they could see single cells change their electrical state – negative to plus and visa versa.  What they saw totally amazed them.

Stress causes acid levels to rise and fall, thus affecting the functional efficiency of the gut muscle and its ability to break down food.

There is also a growing body of research, which clearly shows that consumption of concentrated animal protein into a gut that’s not working, causes ‘bacterial trauma’ releasing dead animal pathogens (bacterium) into the gut, further complicating issues and leading to disease.

healthy gut bacteria - leafy green vegetables contain billions of good bacteriaDid you also know that there are literally billions of good bacteria on the surface of ALL green foods?

The more green foods you eat – with more organic or spray free vegetables being the best for you – the greater number of wonderfully healthy gut bacteria will begin to inhabit your gut cavity.

So when your gut is full of healthy gut bacteria and is working properly, is not overloaded with food, it will literally ‘capture’ all the good bacteria from the greens you eat and help support the ‘turnaround’ of bacteria in the body.  Did you know that almost 95% of your body waste (faeces) is made up of dead bacteria?  Their recycling process is therefore very important and yes things like sauerkraut and kombucha help maintain levels of good bacteria, but are not the complete answer.  The answer lies fairly and squarely in the guts ability to work properly.

I know a lot about gut function because I lived with gut issues for much of my life.  Ten years ago after my near fatal reflux attack I immersed myself in ‘everything gut’.  In the first instance I owe my life to GREEN PAPAYA POWDER, which has enabled me to become the person I am today.

HERE’S A LINK to finding out more about the benefits of this amazing fruit, in its dehydrated green form, and the eradication of disease and discomfort.

I am now available for personal consultations adopting an integrative approach to ideas and recommendations you may choose to follow enabling you to successfully self heal as I did.  Here is the link to find out more ===>> CLICK HERE

References: – Nexus – Mercola – Leafy Green Sugars (SQ) – LiveScience – LactoBacto – Benefits of Green Papaya – Book a Consultation with Scott

Good gut health is vital for a happy life!  

The Facts.

More than 95% of humanity suffers from one form of gut disturbance or another.  Our ‘moving focus groups’ through the GoVegan Deli in Noosa, can testify to this figure.

I saw some powerful stats the other day also, which relate to chronic depression.  Did you know that 1 in 4 people suffer from some sort of depression every year? (US based Monitoring).  I’m sure you or someone close to you has experienced depression on more than one occasion throughout life and there are many triggers.  I was in and out of it for most of mine 🙁

Now, here’s something you may NOT know.  Depression IS related to poor gut health and a lack of nutrients in the cerebral fluid. The number of people experiencing anxiety and depressive thoughts is on the increase.  I meet them everyday in the café and many of them have been referred here by friends and family members who are benefiting from making minor changes to their daily eating habits.  Good gut health is paramount if you want to feel good.  Serotonin is made IN THE GUT!  I emphasise this because most people don’t know this.  Once you understand how the body works and how important good gut health is, you will find it easy to get good results.  For my clients and cafe customers, using green papaya powder and adjusting their diet to include more plant-based proteins, helps turn things around… fast!

1 in 4 people experience depression on a regular basis.
1 in 4 people experience depression on a regular basis. Lack of nutrients in the cerebral fluid is a direct cause of depression. Serotonin is made in the gut!

What happened to me?

An unhealthy gut does impact on the quality of life and, in some cases,  it can be tragic.  I know, because I nearly paid the ultimate price for my years of chronic gut illness 9 years ago when I almost choked to death after a chronic acid reflux attack.  Thankfully, I survived, got help, and am now living to tell my tale to anyone who is hungry for knowledge and willing to listen.

How do we fix this growing and devastating problem?

The morning after my near fatal reflux attack, which by the grace of God, the great source or whatever you choose to call ‘ the almighty’, I was ‘guided’ to locate and obtain some GREEN PAPAYA POWDER  and began using it immediately.  I did a simple Google search on acid reflux and up came the following… ‘inability to break down protein‘ ‘ protein malabsorption‘ ‘proteolytic enzyme (in the form of green papaya) which supports the breakdown process in the gut.’  I got me some green papaya (from India if I remember correctly)!  The first night I took it, I was able to sleep lying down flat!  With continuous daily use and within 12 months, all the following health related symptoms had subsided or completely disappeared:

  • Chronic Depression
  • Thyroid Imbalance
  • Gastro Paresis
  • Bloating
  • Reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Diverticulitis
  • Inflamed Ileocecal valve
  • Arthritic Pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Arrhythmia
  • Gout
  • Weight Loss 24kgs

I became totally focused on discovering how the gut worked and why it’s so important to maintain healthy microbiota (good bacteria) in our stomach.  This is the secret to good gut health.

My philosophy and daily mantra is ‘eat food that grows on the land that you walk on’.  I now work with growers in far north Queensland to obtain the freshest, spray free green paw paw/papaya fruit.    We dehydrate the fruit at no more than 43C to help retain nutrients and maintain enzymatic qualities.

How does it work?

The Papain Enzyme

The papain enzyme in papaya carica is proteolytic in nature, which means it seeks out proteins within ingested food and supports their breakdown.  This leads to the creation of healthy chyme – a ‘rainforest ‘of green nutrient rich liquid – which flows into the small intestine where the actual absorption takes place.

Very quickly the gut begins to function properly again as nutrients are absorbed more efficiently through the body at the same time supporting the re-alkalization process. A gut not macerating food correctly, fails to break down proteins, which remain in the lower intestinal tract, rot, toxifying the body and supporting the presence of PARASITES and other diseases.

An ACID body is prone to greater illness. A properly functioning gut will quickly create more alkalinity thus changing the body’s acid/alkaline ratio.

papaya-image-new-purchaseI literally owe my life to Green Papaya. It is as SIMPLE as taking one flat teaspoon of powder in water, once a day after the main meal, at the same time developing more food awareness. Food will either help heal the body or quicken the body’s demise.

Find out more about Green Papaya  and buy now CLICK HERE

It goes without saying that a healthy gut and alkaline body will contribute to natural weight balancing and general well-being.

Extra research material.

Some excellent references for more information about the important role of a healthy gut:

Brain Maker by Dr. David Perlmutter

10% Human by Dr. Allana Collen – Dr Michael Greger

Understanding The Divine Gut – by Scott Mathias CHHC AADP

scott mathias - before and after

Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Scott is a Digestive Health and Raw Food Educator and Co-Founder of the Noosa based, GoVegan Deli. He takes an integrative approach to solutions, based on functional aspects of the body and his own ‘self healing’ experience which led him to create his own range of plant-protein healing products. A former television network journalist, in Australia and New Zealand, Scott is the author of ‘Understanding The Divine Gut – How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health‘ and the acclaimed, ‘Lets Eat RAW’ Vegan recipe book and his latest, ‘Raw Vegan Meals’ Scott lives in Noosa, QLD with his Scottish partner Clare Darwish.