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In recent months I have seen an exponential growth in the number of questions from both clients and customers – ‘So, what IS IT with Raw and dried foods? ‘

One of the best explanations for eating more raw food and one I concur with, is from Rhio – author of ‘Hooked on Raw’‘.

In her book she lists  her reasons why NOT cooking vegetables and staying RAW is so much healthier for you.

A number of guru-types including Raw Foods Chef Russell James – for whom I have great admiration – and raw foodie Andrea Beaman have their own take on the value and benefit of not cooking food.

Rhio says : “Cooked foods cannot create true health because they are missing some very vital elements needed by the body for its optimal functioning;  things like enzymes, oxygen, hormones, phytochemicals, bio-electrical energy and life-force. When foods are heated above 105° F they begin to lose all of these.  By 118° F, most food is dead.”

Each cell of the body is like a tiny battery, and raw and live foods (which still contain seeds and plant DNA even after harvesting), supply the bio-electricity which charges these batteries. The bio-electrical energy of raw food can be clearly seen in Kirlian photographs of the food.  This photographic process shows electrical discharges that naturally emanate from all living things as luminescent, aura-like flares surrounding the subject. The glow is bright and radiant in raw foods, yet almost totally absent in Kirlian photographs of comparable cooked foods.

To me “life-force” means “the energy that is able to create life.” The sprouting ability of raw foods demonstrates the presence of the life-force within them. All grains, legumes, beans and seeds sprout. Nuts in the shell sprout. Potatoes sprout and create new potato plants. (Do not eat potato sprouts as they are poisonous.) If you stick the top part of a pineapple into water, it will sprout roots. Apple seeds create apple trees. Avocado pits and mango pits sprout.

Cooking food disrupts its molecular structure and kills all the enzymes too. Enzymes are the indispensable catalysts which enable the body to utilize vitamins and minerals. (Think of enzymes as the workmen and vitamins and minerals as the bricks and mortar. Without the workmen, the bricks and mortar don’t get put into place.) Enzymes are extremely heat-sensitive and thus do not survive in cooked foods. The vitamins and phyto-chemicals also are injured, greatly diminished, and left in an altered molecular state. The minerals are made less soluble.

When you eat cooked (enzyme-less) foods, you put a heavy burden on your body, which then has to produce the enzymes missing in the food. One of the reasons you feel lethargic or sleepy after a cooked meal is because the body is diverting its energy to replacing the enzymes that were not supplied. By comparison, a raw food meal leaves you feeling light and full of energy. You can judge this for yourself. Uncooked foods digest in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of cooked foods. The stress of creating and replacing enzymes, meal after meal, day after day, year after year, greatly contributes to accelerated aging.’

By the way Broccoli is one of nature’s most powerful disease fighters. I will write more on the health affects of eating raw broccoli in the future. It’s not just any old green vegetable and you can see from the second Kirlian image that one floweret is energetically, very impressive.

I understand the life force of foods and further believe that all plant food is coded with natures DNA which is designed remarkably to compliment or coincide with our own DNA providing not just life force but also universal sustainability. In other words we are designed to eat raw plant based foods not processed foods or even flesh of an animal or fish of the sea. By eating raw vegetables we are allowing quality nutritional data to enter our bio-computing instrument called – body.

I invite you to take the challenge and increase the amount of raw food that you consume each day and gauge your physiological response to these changes. I bet my old felt hat that you will begin to feel amazing!

Flatbread Sandwich

I am enjoying living so much right now I could jump out of my RAW Skin!!

The pleasure I feel inside of my heart when I take more than a few moments to prepare something I know my body will love and enjoy is indescribable.

Such is the pleasure of living a lifestyle ‘connected’ to the very essence of light and being – taking in those wonderful phytonutrients from plant life which has grown to be ‘of service to me’.

I am grateful for the growing depth of my relationship with not just the plants I take into my body but with all things as the DNA of the plant life reactivates my own memories of being happy, joyous and complete.

Beetroot is an old favourite with us Antipodeans. I understand Australia is the only place in the world where you can buy a hamburger which contains this beautiful vegetable.

NOW… you can have a flatbread sandwich without the toxic old world ingredients.

This has been described by one eater as a ‘smorgasbord of amazing flavours and textures’ – she was, after all, responsible for the bread with some over-the-shoulder assistance from moi.  Thank you Clare Darwish who threw a completely different light onto the old Scottish favourite of ‘bland oatmeal cakes’. She didn’t want this experience to end and for the both of us it was the first time we said ‘ we could do that all over again’- it was that tasty and sweet.  The plate of life was licked clean!

OK…. Here is the recipe and the approach:

To make the Flatbread mix together the following sufficiently to create a spreadable mixture.

1 1/2 cups of walnuts soaked for 8 hours

1 cup of flaxmeal

1 tbs of dried basil or 1/2 cup of fresh basil will do too

1 Butternut Squash peeled and chopped into small pieces

4 tsps of ground cumin and 1/2 tsp of cumin seeds (optional)

1/4 cup of olive oil

3 spring onions chopped

1 tbs nutritional yeast

2 tbs coconut palm nectar (a low GI natural sweetener) You can also use the same quantity of Agave if you wish.

1 1/2 tsp sea salt

Pinch of black pepper.

Mix all the ingredients in a blender.  Then roll onto your teflex sheet until 2cm thick and pop into the dehydrator for 8-10 hours @115F.  Score into lovely sandwich size pieces after an hour or so.

The Mayonnaise

Into your bullet glass or a Vitamix put:

1/2 cup of macadamia nuts

3/4 cup of fresh cashew milk ( 1 cup of soaked (24hrs) raw cashew nuts to 2 cups of water in Vitamix until beautifully white – store in glass bottle in the fridge)

2 tsp tahini

2 tsp of coconut palm sugar or agave

1/3 red bell pepper

2 tsp pitted olives

1/2 tsp sea salt and a grind of cracked pepper

Blitz until smooth.

Sandwhich Filling

On the bottom slice of flatbread, layer with avocado, thinly sliced tomato, gherkin (sweet pickles),  lettuce and top off with beetroot sticks (thin julienne) and a final layer of which I did through my mandoline in this case a GEFU Gourmet Cutter which is an amazingly well engineered tool.  Finish with a final layer of avocado.

Drizzle lots of the mayonnaise over the top of the filling before putting the flatbread top on your sandwich.

Now please remember to eat slowly and chew each small and comfortable mouthful at least 25 times.  All said and done BUT the brain turns towards your RAW senses totally as one munches through this beautious offering from the RAW plant world.

In RAWPTURES I remain yearning until the next time !!

Life doesn’t need to be complicated anymore. For too long humanity has been living under pressure and pain. Now it’s time for ease and grace. Choose to do and be simple things.

There are many things one can do with an avocado and I see SIMPLE as best.

I haven’t had an avocado for a couple of weeks so tonight I filled one with a spicy red onion salsa including garlic, lime, lombardos sweet chilli and macadamia oil…just divine!!!

Here is the avocado in all its celebratory form and the next picture is of the lombardos from my friend Richard at the Noosa Farmers Market.  Truly a wonderful combination.

  • Chop tomato, cucumber, a glove of garlic, 1/3 of a red bell pepper, one whole lombardos sweet chilli (you can use a hot one if you wish).
  • Blend all together with the juice of 2 limes, a dash of red wine vinegar and a splash of macadamia oil and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Lombardos and padre de pimientos available right now at the Noosa Farmers Market. The padre de pimientos are often called the ‘roulette chilli’ -1 in 10 is HOT as hell. I got one the other day after taste-testing for the last few seasons and it blew the pockets of my shorts out and scorched the hairs off the back of my neck!!

When you eat fresh and RAW your body remains fresh and clean AND one doesn’t have to eat a lot. I spend more time grazing now than actually sitting down to meals.

ENJOY the PICS !! Much love now xx

Finding RAW sweets which are simple and absolutely OK for the body can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start looking. Fruit straight out of the freezer is the first thing I reach for.  I then use my blender to create a creamy mulch or my Yonanas machine which I imported from America recently to create a yogurt like product which is totally to LOVE for!!

Here is my simple RAW Mango Raspberry Caramel Delight!!

The secret really is the Yonanas machine which creates a fruit texture which is yogurt-like and indescribable – beautiful texture and delish!!

  • Pass the fruit through the machine or add to the blender to get it into the form you wish.

To make the RAW caramel sauce:

  • Take a cup of RAW Macadamia nuts
  • 1/4 cup of pine nuts
  • 3/4 cup of mixed coconut palm nectar solution (dissolve the crystals in water)
  • 1/4 agave syrup
  • Splash of vanilla concentrate (pure)
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Blend together until you get a caramel consistency.

Place the fruit in a bowl add the caramel sauce and top off with fresh or frozen raspberries (thawed) and voila!! a true RAW taste sensation bound to rock the socks off any guest especially those who reckon RAW is for rabbits!!



Cashew Nut Cheese

Putting together something simple but impressively RAW when guests drop by can be challenging but not so if you have some basics always on hand.  Cashew Nut Cheese is something I pretty well have all the time now in my fridge.  I make a lot of nut milk for use in the form of mayo’s  so it stands to reason I have plenty of the beautiful cheezey by-product around too.

Cashew Cheese Platter

So take three good dessert spoons of cashew nut cheese and placed in a bowl and season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Take a small round stainless steel food ‘form’.  Slice off a round of cucumber to drop neatly into the form. Then get stacking. First:

  • Add the first layer of cashew nut cheese
  • Followed by finely diced tomato and cucumber with squeeze of lime or lemon and chilli flakes mixed in
  • Then top off with diced gherkin
  • Slide the form off
  • Garnish with a dice or two of tomato and some shredded basil
  • Finish by assembling on a white serving plate with equal drizzles of fresh lime/lemon juice and either olive or macadamia oil with a grind or two of cracked pepper.
  • SERVE to guests who will be blown away by the taste combination.

This easy and simple yet divinely impressive presentation of RAW canapes is a sure winner when the unexpected or the planned guests arrive!!

This is so much fun to make and so amazing in taste that the effort is worth the while. When I used to eat dairy I thoroughly enjoyed cheeses… especially some of the real rich and creamier styles like Camembert and triple cream Bries. But alas, my stomach wasn’t designed to breakdown such nutrient-dense animal fats.

To make two good cashew nut cheeses, take three cups of soaked raw cashews.  I soaked mine for more than 24 hours and became quite sticky, so I rinse them off before placing them along with two cups of water and two tablespoons of nutritional yeast in a blender.

I blended for a few minutes until the mixture was like a smooth paste. I then emptied the contents of the blender into a nut bag and began squeezing it over a bowl to collect about 750mls of the most luxurious and rich cashew nut milk which I am still using in small deserts and as a natural mayonnaise.  (Keeps well in a glass bottle in the fridge).  I then hung the bag over the bowl for a day at room temperature.

Once I gave the bag a final squeeze and all the milk had been released, I packed the cheesy mixture into glad wrap (clingfilm) lined small plastic containers. You can use a ‘cake form’ tin if you wish, which I have done, but do remember to line with glad wrap (clingfilm) otherwise it might stick to the sides.  Doing this is only to form the cheeses into something a little more respectable and traditional in appearance.  The cheese will cure out of the ‘form’ in the fresh air. By the way you can adorn your cheese with nuts. I used local pistachios or your can use walnuts. The pistachios are slow dried and just so delicious.

How to form a firm outer skin?  Easy.  Place the cheese in your dehydrator for 30 mins or so on low temp. I also set them outside in the sun for a few hours too. The rest of the time it sat on the bench and then in the cheese cooler in my refrigerator.

As they say… ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.  In this case… ‘a thousand flavours and tastes.’.

I feature these recipe in my ‘RAW In The Kitchen Experience’ Message me if you’d like to be a part of a Raw Food preparation experience.

About Scott Mathias.

I am a Noosa, Australia based RAW Food and Integrative Health Coach. As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a debilitating digestive disorder.   I founded iLifeFoods Pty Ltd, a 100% pure Australian Superfood Company and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food.  Do join me in knowing more.

There are estimated to be 55-billion farmed or manufactured animals for eating on the planet as I write this. The cost involved in farming these animals for eating is astronomical not just in $$ terms but also to the planet. Yet little known in the plant world is Curly Leaf Kale which provides more goodness across the board than a gram of beef.

Environmentalists cite meat production as one of the biggest contributors to global warming, and the United States new food pyramid, called My Plate , suggests the healthiest choice is making vegetables and fruit the biggest part of every meal by reducing consumption of animal proteins.

Kale is far by far the most nutritious of all leafy greens. It is also #2 behind garlic in the antioxidant stakes,  but the seven reasons below as to why it is such an important ‘nowfood’ may just shed some new light onto the nutritional benefits of this most beautiful green vegetable.

1. Anti-inflammatory: Inflammation is the number one cause of arthritis, heart disease and a number of autoimmune diseases, and is triggered by the consumption of animal products. Kale is an incredibly effective anti-inflammatory food, potentially preventing and even reversing these illnesses.

2. Iron: Despite the myth that vegetarians are anaemic, the number of non-vegetarians with iron-deficiencies is on the rise. Per calorie, kale has more iron than beef.

3. Calcium: Dairy and beef both contain calcium, but Australia and the U.S. still has some of the highest rates of bone loss and osteoporosis in the world. Kale contains more calcium per calorie than milk (90 grams per serving) and is also better absorbed by the body than dairy.

4. Fibre: Like protein, fibre is a macronutrient, which means we need it every day. But many Australians don’t eat nearly enough and the deficiency is linked to heart disease, digestive disorders and cancer. Protein-rich foods, like meat, contain little to no beneficial fibre. One serving of kale not only contains 5 percent of the recommended daily intake of fibre, but it also provides 2 grams of protein. Fibre is required to remove ‘bad’ bacteria from the body.

5. Omega fatty acids: Healthy fats play an important role in our health, unlike the saturated fats in meat. A serving of kale contains 121 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 92.4 mg of omega-6 fatty acids.

6. Immunity: Superbugs and bacteria are a serious risk to our health. Many of these come as a result of factory farm meat, eggs and dairy products. Kale is an incredibly rich source of immune-boosting carotenoid and flavonoid antioxidants, as well as vitamins A and C.

7. Sustainable: Kale grows to maturity in 55 to 60 days versus a cow raised for beef for an average of 18-24 months. Kale can grow in most climates and is relatively easy to grow at home or on a farm. To raise one kilo of beef requires 16 kilos of grain, 11 times as much fossil fuel and more than 3000 litres of water.

Warning: Reading this page could seriously IMPROVE your health. Read on to find out WHY I feel 25 Yrs Younger!

This year I am 59. I never imagined becoming 60 years old. Right now I feel so far away from what ‘they‘ said I should be feeling its plain ridiculous. Either they lied, were full of BS or wanted me to become part of the ‘commoditised human disease chain’. Well ‘UP them’ !! I have no meds whatsoever – no blood pressure tabs, nothing for my prostate and am NOT a diabetic. Alien biological disorders from another age !!

Since we last connected, a lot of banana skins have gone into my Bokashi kitchen compost. iLifeFoods continues to grow with understanding as more and more people report amazing success with products such as the Green Papaya Powder and the amazing VegeShot, both aimed at the great red dot in the middle of your gut called ‘On the Way to  Excellent Health’.

My own Integrative Health and Raw Food Coaching also continues to expand with an amazing amount of understanding and growing awareness from many people that ‘what they eat is what they become’ and what they eat is their medicine.

My products and my Raw Food lifestyle are my constant companions each and every day at a time when there is such a lot of major ‘old world’ changes taking place around me. Each day I awake to a large glass of water followed by an ever larger glass of my most favourite RED smoothie.

I do not do juices. I believe much of the nutritious value is lost during the juicing process – fibre is also removed. My smoothie making starts with a base of frozen banana. I then add a few other available seasonal fruits such as pineapple and papaya. I will add a sachet or two of my VegeShot crystals.  At RAWHq here in Doonan, between Eumundi and Noosa in Queensland, Australia, there is NO DAIRY, NO SUGAR, NO FLOUR or WHEAT products in the house. Obviously there is no meat. So there is no dairy in my smoothie.  I no longer need meat, dairy or wheat products and guess what?  In no way is my life impacted because of not consuming those products, which I feel in so many ways have contributed to the sickness we currently see on the planet.

But back to my morning smoothie – it is NOT GREEN, it is RED and for good reason… REDs derived from fruit and vegetables are called anthocyanins – these are antioxidants which bring so many benefits, none the least boosting energy levels and re-hydrogenating the gaseous field around every cell in your body. Varying sources put the count at between 50 and 100 trillion red and white blood cells in the body. Each is supported by its own gaseous fields called the morphogenic field which is largely made up of hydrogen gas. The richer in hydrogen ‘nutrient’ this field is, the healthier you will be.  The more hydrogen exists then the more actual cell replication slows down and the healthier your DNA remains.  In other words REDs or Anthocyanins are pure nutrients for your entire body.  I feel without a shadow of a doubt that I have slowed down my body’s aging process by drinking more REDs and consuming a nearly 100% RAW plant-based food intake.

So, what else do I graze on during the day – I no longer really sit down to a conventional breakfast, lunch or dinner… that  is ‘old world’ to me now. Meat and three veg went by the way years ago.

  • I eat what it seems my body wants during the day.
  • If I feel hungry, then my body is telling me it requires more energy which is derived from the food particles I consume.
  • I eat only food which my body tells me is part of my healing process – food which sustains my bio-system in all ways.
  • I have no cravings this way, because I have created a balanced relationship with my body rather than be dictated by old ‘food thought patterns’ or by mass media
  • RAW has allowed me to become more in tune with my entire being – body, mind and soul.
  • My levels of connectivity with all plant based food
  • My food intake is far from boring!!
  • RAW is my Lifestyle.

Check out some of the ways I honour the RAW plant based food I take into my body each day.

This way of eating sweet potato or zucchini (courgette) is one of my favourites – I call this Sweet Potatocinni with Aromatic Basil Garlic and Chilli.  I treat this as if I were eating a wheat-based product in terms of seasoning except this is not a durum wheat fettuccini – it is RAW Sweet potato spiralised from a hand held GEFU brand spiralli device.

Ok I hear you asking. Where do I get my protein from ?

  • I get everything I need from my plantfood – fruit and vegetables.
  • I consume a lot of green salad type vegetables
  • I only buy my fruit and vegetable from my local farmers market and I get it fresh and have a large variety.
  • Kale is my favourite protein supplier – 8 x more protein than dead animal flesh.
  • I also like to use Asian vegetables.  My favourite at the moment is the Ong Choi.  This is a leafy green grassy like vegetable with hollow edible stems. I chop it into a beautiful salad adding my own seasoning base of apple cider vinegar and lime juice.

So,  would you like to find out more about how you can make changes to the way to eat which in turn may change the way your life and interact with everything around you?

I am currently writing a book which contains a blend of my own musings and is solely based on RAW – both transformational for me and, I’m sure, for you. It is jammed packed full of beautiful pictures and simple, easy-to-use recipes. However if you are expecting an old fashioned approach to new wisdom then forget it!!

This book is challenging to say the least and one in which the primary cause is built into each and every word – my ‘PROLONGED, EXCELLENT AND PAIN FREE HEALTH’.   Is this something you would like to experience?

While it is coming together, feel free to sign up for my newsletter ( top right on this blog page ) so that you can continue to receive extracts and recipes ‘on the go’.  If you’d like to know more about my iLifeFoods Super Cell food then click on this link.

How about learning how to prepare RAW food which not only looks fantastic it tastes even better ? To find our more… click here.

Scott Mathias HC. AADP is a trained and certified Integrative Health and RAW Food Coach based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. He consults to clients around Australia including conducting seminars, public speaking engagements and RAW Food demonstrations. His special areas of interest are Life Balance and the Digestive Function – He conducts Raw Food Classes at his beautiful home in Noosa, Queensland and he is also the creator of an all Australian range of 100% PURE Superfoods from