Australia's First GoVegan Deli To Open In Noosa

GoVegan Deli, 6 Thomas Street, Noosaville, 4566

BREAKING NEWS:  Australia’s First GoVegan Deli To Open In Noosa!

There’s a buzz around town these days about a brand new and unique eatery catering for Vegans, Vegetarians, health conscious eaters and anyone curious about the ‘plant based cuisine’ lifestyle.

With more awareness around the damage big agribusiness is doing to our planet, many of us are responding with our feet and our wallets (and a few green fingers too 😉 ).

The growing interest in community gardens, permaculture and grow-your-own in general, is resulting in strong consumer demand for clean, green, plant-based proteins.

This is why Clare and I have decided to invest more of our time, energy and finances into creating a haven for conscious eaters right here on our home turf.

As a loyal subscriber to this website, I wanted you to be the first to know what all the buzz is about.

RHAD Retail Design - GoVegan Deli, Noosaville

It’s with great delight and barrow-loads of excitement, I’m making the official announcement TODAY that Australia’s first GoVegan Deli is opening in October in Thomas Street, Noosaville.

Famed for it’s eclectic mix of traditional food outlets, Thomas Street is about to be given a huge boost for the health-conscious foodie.
Raw Food in a box! Sustainable Wooden Bento Box (recyclable) GoVegan Deli, NoosavilleWe’ll be offering raw and vegan food to eat-in or take away. Using a sustainable and recyclable wooden Japanese Bento box (no polystyrene or plastic will be used in the store), we will create a myriad of beautiful flavours  for your daily healthy eating experience.  We will also have a range of ‘in-house’ fermented foods in jars including  Kefir, Kombucha and specialty teas made right here on the premises, Organic coffee from Little Cove served with Coconut, Almond or GMO-free Soy Milk, and much, much more.

All products sold in our shop will be Vegan (no animal products), Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Organic and GMO Free, so you can rest easy as you make your choices for breakfast or lunch.  Did I mention the In-House Raw DESSERTS??  Just wait until you sample our delicious offerings.  I promise you a mind-blowing experience, when you eat our Clean, Green, Vegan, Cuisine.


RHAD Retail Design - GoVegan Deli, NoosavilleWe have engaged one of Australia’s leading deli-designers, Rainer Hopf, a Noosa resident and one of Australia’s leading creative lights from RHAD Design. You will be greeted by a light and airy ‘selection experience’ supported by live plant walls of edible green leaves, herbs and flowers.

I am bringing ‘plant based’ eating into mainstream for the goodness of your health and a enjoyable cuisine experience.

We have set October 1st as our opening date and work has commenced on the refit of the old bookshop at the Noosa River end of Thomas Street.

Locals are pointing in our direction wondering what is going on. Well local or not, now you know.  Both Clare and I are waking these days, totally beside ourselves with excitement as this wonderful dream unfolds before our eyes.

Whether you are a local resident, from interstate or overseas, we invite you to be a part of this amazing food revolution.

We welcome you with an open heart, friendly smiles and heaps of conversation and  Clean-Green-Vegan-Cuisine.

We’d love it if you helped us to spread the word by sharing this exciting news as we prepare to open our flagship raw vegan take-away and deli in the coming weeks.  At last, Noosa has a unique hub for the expanding vegan community up and down the Sunshine Coast as well as providing tasty samples for those transitioning to a healthier way of eating.  Please click on your favourite social media icons and share below our news.  Thank you!

Scott Mathias, Clare Darwish @ Noosa International Food & Wine Festival

Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC) and a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).  Scott is a Digestive Health Coach and Raw Food Chef who takes an integrative approach to solutions, based on functional aspects of the body and his own ‘self healing’ experience which led him to create a range of plant-protein healing products. A former television network presenter both in Australia and New Zealand, Scott is the author of Understanding The Divine Gut – How To Eat Your Way To Ultimate Digestive Health’ and the acclaimed, ‘Lets Eat RAW’ Vegan recipe book.

Clare Darwish moved from her native Scotland to Noosa in late 2011 and began a brand new chapter in her life after spending 23 yrs as a single mum.  After removing wheat and dairy from her vegetarian diet, she shed 14 kgs in just 12 weeks and hasn’t looked back since.  “Gone are the menopausal mood swings and mythical Middle Age Spread” says Clare.  As an avid networker and connector, Clare saw the potential in the growing raw food trend back in 2012 and today is responsible for marketing the scottmathiasraw and GoVegan Deli brands.

Clare and Scott became Facebook friends in May 2010 and admit that neither of them could have imagined the way life was going to unfold for them.  Life partners as well as business partners, they make an intrepid team as they teach others how to eat their way to ultimate digestive and good health simply by being excellent examples of the raw vegan lifestyle.



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  1. Alli Holmes Reply

    Ohhh my goodness 🙂 I am in heaven on so many levels at the thought of your place opening.Thankyou to you both for hearing the call of the planet and us vegans for providing a place to eat in Noosa that is vegan & cruelty free…you are my heros and I can’t wait to meet you & chow down!!! XXX Ps…& Little Cove Coffee….the BEST coffee on the planet!! 🙂

    • Our journey to a wholly plant-based lifestyle over the past few years has gradually made us much more aware of the damage being done on our beautiful planet due to animal agriculture. Excellent documentaries like “Cowspiracy” and “Earthlings” are helping to bring the truth about this cruel industry. We are living proof of the health benefits of eating 100% whole foods and get all our ‘proteins’ from plants. We’re definitely animal friendly at our new GoVegan Deli so you can be sure that all products sold in our store are cruelty-free. Check out our brand new FB page regularly and share the links … we’ll be sharing lots of updates there every day! Thank you for your lovely comments and your support Alli 🙂

      PS Scott has never been able to drink coffee, however he does love the aroma. I’m a very moderate coffee drinker and out of all the coffee outlets in Noosa, Little Cove is the only one that really does it for me, so it was a ‘no brainer’ when it came to choosing a brand. We’re big believers in ‘keeping it local’ and, although the coffee is imported from different parts of the world, Michelle and Jason are doing a fabulous job of sourcing and roasting good organic and Fairtrade beans on their premises in Weyba Road for local consumption. They’re really supportive of our new project too which is fabulous and we’re looking forward to promoting their brand.

  2. Loved being at Noosa food fest this year so hopefully next time a visit to your venue will be on the agenda! Best wishes and great you’re adding value to the healthy food community.

    • Scott’s already been invited to take part in next year’s event Helen. I’ve no doubt our new GoVegan Deli on Thomas Street will be a popular spot with our lovely tourist communities as well. Meanwhile, you can check out what’s happening on our brand new FB page – we’re heading towards 400 LIKES in just 48 hours. WooHoo!! 🙂

  3. Fantastic news lovely people I’m sure I will be a regular customer .Any need for staff or volunteers ,please let me know ❤️

  4. You guys are awesome, so wonderful you are taking it ‘mainstream’. I will be dreaming of the day when one opens closer to home here in San Remo, Victoria. I hoped for an organic shop and my dream came true recently with Freedom Organics opening, maybe they could sell your products? Good luck and the design looks fantastic, love it all!!

    • Thank you Linda… you’re very kind! We’re already getting enquiries about franchise opportunities so hopefully it won’t be too long before one pops up in San Remo. Meantime, keep an eye on our FB page for all the latest news and some great views of our first store here in Noosa. xx

  5. Will be visiting you in mid October both the lovely new Deli and the market. Hope to get my gut issues under control Scott. You are an inspiration. Val. Xxx

    • Thanks great news Val… we look forward to meeting you when you arrive. You’ll be able to sit down with Scott and discuss your gut issues. Green Papaya Powder will be available in the shop too, so I’m sure you’ll find some solutions here. xx

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