RAW Food Diet - Animal Protein Lies -The Myth Debunked!

In my book ‘ Understanding The Divine Gut’ I talk about the way the ‘Protein Story’ has been hijacked by the meat and dairy industries. ‘Hi-Jacked’ being the operative word because most people have been so brain-washed by the unstinting PR,  they think they can only get food protein from animals. THIS IS A LIE and if you believe it then you too have been sucked in badly.

Here are several plant based foods I use which deliver more simple and easy to digest proteins without the need to slaughter an animal or contribute to its ongoing and daily suffering.

Hemp – Cannabis Sativa up to 35g/100g or up 35% protein

High in Omegas 3, 6 & 9’s – Vitamins and trace minerals. A complete food and ideal for RAW Vegans or those who can no longer breakdown ‘old world animal based proteins’.
While food grade hemp is a cousin of the high THC version it still contains comparative and amazing healing qualities in the seed, powder and oil form.

Hemp is an ideal protein for dairy and meat intolerant children and animals.

I especially love Hemp’s amazing list (too long to list here) of amino acids especially arginine for maintaining heart health. Tryptophan for keeping your nervous system in top condition.

Kale – Brassica oleracea up to 10g/100g or up to 10% protein

Kale’s risk-lowering benefits for cancer have recently been extended to at least five different types of cancer. These types include cancer of the bladder, breast, colon, ovary, and prostate. Isothiocyanates (ITCs) made from glucosinolates in kale play a primary role in achieving these risk-lowering benefits.

Green Kale

Kale is now recognized as providing comprehensive support for the body’s detoxification system.
New research has shown that the ITCs made from kale’s glucosinolates can help regulate detox at a genetic level.

Researchers can now identify over 45 different flavonoids in kale. Kale’s flavonoids combine both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits in ways that gives kale a leading dietary role in helping to avoid chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

Moringa Oleifera – up to 50g/100g or up to 50% protein

Moringa Oleifera - The Miracle Tree

Moringa Oleifera is among the popular power greens such as wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina. Moringa is rich in minerals like potassium, iron, calcium, and sulfur. It has B vitamins and 10 amino acids. Its nutritional profile is competitive with any beneficial plant on the planet.

For example:

One half cup of cooked leaves will meet your daily recommendation for Vitamins A and C.
  •   12 gms of raw leaves contains the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C
  •   Gram per gram it contains 6 to 7 times the amount of Vitamin C in orange juice.
  •   Moringa leaves contain 3 to 5 times more beta-carotene than carrots
  •   15gm of moringa powder contains more than 10 times the recommended daily amount of Vitamin E
  •   Gram per gram Moringa leaves contain over 3 times the iron as found in spinach or roast beef
  •   Moringa leaves contain 3 times the amount of potassium as bananas
  •   Gram per gram Moringa leaves contain 4 times the amount of calcium found in milk
  •   One half cup of pods (raw) will supply your Vitamin C requirement for a day.

Not bad for a humble plant also known as the ‘Miracle Tree’.

Eating animals has negative consequences for the planet none the least the amount of water and grain used to feed them just for slaughter whereas a plant will keep growing and supplying leaves for ongoing use.  Meat and dairy products have been shown to ‘rot’ in the intestinal tract causing a range of inflammatory disorders and contributing to the emergence of cancer cells in the bloodstream.

Here is the link to my book – ‘Understanding The Divine Gut’ – where I go into greater detail about the impact of continuing to eat animal protein.

Now if I hear the meat and dairy industries crying fowl I will simply puke !!!!!

I can say to them the warning signs are here now as more and more people turn away from those ‘old world proteins’ for personal and planetary reasons. To the meat and dairy farmers I would say this… “You are genuine people but your system of food production is outmoded and I, and millions of others, strongly urge you to start considering diversification into these new and liberating crops. The future of our planet and generations to come depends upon your courage to embrace change otherwise it will be forced upon you and be ever so much more painful.”

If you would like to know more about Hemp and its benefits then I invite you to CLICK HERE.

Scott Mathias - 'Understanding The Divine Gut'
Scott Mathias – ‘Understanding The Divine Gut’
I‘m a Digestive Health Specialist, RAW Food Chef and Author living in beautiful Noosa, Australia and teaching globally.  As I approach 60, my journey to excellent health began when I sought and found natural means to heal myself of a chronic digestive disorder.   I founded iLifeFoods.com, a 100% pure Australian Digestive Health and Plant Protein Company, and then proceeded to further change my lifestyle to support my ongoing excellent health by learning to prepare and serve the most amazing RAW food. I am also the Author of ‘Understanding The Divine Gut’ and the upcoming ‘ Let’s Eat RAW ‘ recipe book. Do join me in knowing more. I am here to help you find your personal freedom.



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  1. Marc Middlestadt Reply

    Hi Scott,
    I just ran across your website. I have to admit I had no idea about the benefits of hemp nutritionally. I am looking to start eating whole raw foods and have realized the protein lies we have been told.

    I have one question…..I do not or never have smoke marijuana and recently have been in involved in legal growing with my friends. My question is Cannabis have the same guidelines to growing it in most states treating it as the same as its potent cousin?


    Marc Middlestadt

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