A Very Simple Way for Over 50’s to Live A Healthy Life

A Very Simple Way for Over 50’s to Live A Healthy Life

by Scott Mathias CHHC. AADP

Living a healthy life over 50 – 24/7 is a natural right, not a privilege but it does require making some meaningful choices.

This means that sickness of any kind is not an inevitability for the over 50’s despite what you might hear or see in the media or what your doctor might tell you.

95% of Planet Earth’s population suffers from some kind of illness* (The Lancet)

Does this tell us that sickness – pain, chronic illness, diabetes, and mental illness are created by poor choices?

The foundation of 24/7 healthy living is GOOD GUT FUNCTION. It is as simple as that. What you eat will either kill you or heal you. A healthy gut will support you in your dreams for a long happy, pain-free and productive life.

If you put the wrong food in then the gut will not be able to release nutrients into the small intestine for optimum absorption. The quality of gut biome will decrease and, over time, the gut itself will go into a state of paralysis, which is what I suffered with, for more than 45 years.

Here’s a very simple way for over 50’s to live a healthy life 24/7.

All it takes is an INFORMED CHOICE!  What do I mean by that?

Making different food choices based on the natural decline of metabolic efficiency rather than continuing to eat the food you have always eaten will almost 100% support your healthy dream.

Take diabetes for instance. How to avoid going down this rather dim and dark rabbit hole is definitely about CHOICE.

US-based Dr. Gabriel Cousins is at the forefront of remedial healing research and treatment of this debilitating disorder.

See how Type 2 diabetes sufferers turned their conditions around in this now-famous study undertaken by Dr. Cousins.

Sky-high blood sugar levels plummeted and vitality increased.

Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days

Your CHOICE of food will determine the nature and quality of your micro-biome, which is conservatively estimated to be around 38,000,000,000 – that’s 38-trillion living microbes inside and on your body.

Without good gut function, gut biome cannot be produced. Biome ‘harvesting’ that takes place when you eat green food is also impacted.  The surface of all green living foods is covered in billions of bacteria needed by the gut to function well.

Sheena Cruickshank is a laboratory researcher whose specialty is gut biome and human waste. Check this video out and once completed I know you will have a better idea about how your food choices impact your gut efficiency.

Eat Yourself Healthy – Laboratory Researcher Sheena Cruickshank

My own ‘gut paralysis’ was due to poor food and lifestyle CHOICES. For a long time, I didn’t know any better until I was forced to educate myself. One day, after a chronic near-fatal reflux attack, I woke up to the need to create a different healthy life dream.

Along with making dietary changes talked about in both videos, I also used green papaya powder to help rehabilitate and mobilize my gut muscles once again.

That was 15-years ago and I have never looked back and neither should you.

Make a living CHOICE now, so your 24/7 healthy life dream becomes a reality.


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 Dr. Gabriel Cousins – http://treeoflifecenterus.com/why-live-foods/

Image: Public Domain – Carolyn Bloom

Disclaimer: I am 65 years old, on no meds, suffering from no chronic illnesses. Happy J

Scott Mathias is a Certified Holistic Counsellor, Author and Gut Whisperer. He is a former journalist and researcher with a penchant for thought-provoking stories.



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