1 Simple Way To Detox Your Body

1 Simple Way To Detox Your Body

With every man and his dog (see dog detox details below) trying to cleanse their livers, and their lives, there’s a danger that we choose the wrong approach to clear out our clutter.  Here is 1 simple way to detox your body.

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For most people a detox is ‘program based’ and requires a high degree of application and adherence – in other words following protocols.

A mental appreciation of a detox is that it comes with pain, odour and it’s punitive – going without food, drinks etc.

There is now ‘new thinking’ around the detox, which is understood to be a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances… detoxification.

A detox may also relate to unhealthy thoughts, which need to be purged from the mind.

How do I detox my body?

I am often asked during an initial health assessment if the client can go on a 7-10 or even 40 day fast – juice only, water only and sometimes, breath only.

The new thinking is not particularly revolutionary but does cut right across a lot of the so-called ‘detox rules’.

Since we abstain from food for at least 56 hours each week anyway, while our bodies rest and repair during sleep time, being conscious of what we do ingest at mealtimes allows a softer, more natural cleansing to occur.

The idea is simple – use the ebb and flow of the ’24 hour body time clock’.  This supports the body in its natural elimination, ingestion, digestion, absorption and rest program, rather than traumatise it with a ‘harsh food denial process’.

56 hours of fasting (sleep) each week is supposed to allow

  • adrenals the opportunity to reboot
  • lymphatics to drain adequately
  • nervous system to reset to ‘rest mode’
  • opportunity to get through our days unscathed.

Sadly, today’s hectic lifestyle tends to rob us from taking time to even think about food until it’s too late and we just grab the nearest thing and scoff it down.  So what’s the solution?

Firstly, relax!  Getting stressed achieves nothing – so don’t worry.  Take 15-30 minutes and write down a short plan of what to eat for the first few days and pay attention to how you feel.

Here are some foods and activities you can go without, which I know from first hand experience supports the daily detox program.

  • Coffee and Tea – herbal teas are OK but coffee and tea contribute to acidity in the body
  • Alcohol, particularly more than a glass a day – reconstituted alcohol made enmasse using synthetic ingredients or dairy based ingredients such as ‘whey based alcohol’ is toxic to the body.  Sulphites in beer and wine and the addition of other chemicals are incongruent with the body’s natural ‘tenor’ and flow
  • Bread containing wheat, any gluten based food – wheat is not working for so many people.  Is it the hybridisation of the ‘wheat germ’ – or is is the pre-harvest spraying with glyphosate based herbicides which may be used causing the problem ?
  • Sugar – known in some circles as ‘white death’ akin to heroine in its ability to ‘hook’ the body into a narcotic dependence.  It not only plays havoc with the body’s electrical system because of its high GI (glycemic index) but it supports acidity and again, feeds cancer fungus.
  • Meat of all kinds including fish rot and putrefy in the body causing higher than acceptable levels of uric and lactic acid in the bloodstream. This in itself supports inflammation and the creation of a range of illnesses symptomatic of acidosis including cancer which thrives in an acid environment.
  • Dairy and other animal based products – again the gut finds it hard to break down these ‘old world’ proteins at a time of our evolution which is demanding ‘fine, clean nutrients’.
  • Eggs – unformed bird embryos are like ‘toxic glue’
  • High protein supplements like whey powder and other ‘separated proteins’ such as pea protein – the body cannot recognised ‘reconstituted’ proteins other than natural occurring in the form of whole foods.

What to do first?

Recognise you have a problem and that mostly all illnesses are symptoms.  Ask yourself “Is it something I am eating, which is making me feel ill?” 99.99% of the time it is.

The one and only step towards a complete detox managed in a easy and graceful manner is develop ‘FOOD AWARENESS’.  Again, ask yourself  “Is what I am about to eat going to harm me or help me heal?” Simple.

Some helpful daily steps you might want to consider.

fresh fruit breakfast scottmathiasraw

Start the day  with a bowl of fruit – the natural occurring fruit sugar known as fructose has been designed by nature to support the body, and in particular the mind’s need for simple carbohydrates.

These simple carbs not only power up the body – with 60% of them going to power up the mind in the morning, but also contain enzymes, which help stimulate the colon into releasing yesterday’s waste. Ideally, aim to pass waste three or four times before midday.

Mid morning snacks = Banana, Medjool Dates, Pecans, Walnuts, Cashews will help maintain good energy levels.

Spicy Guacamole on Seed SnackersAt lunch time – any time from 12 midday to 8.00pm in the evening, make a  large bowl of greens with the addition of some naturally created flavours like cashew cheese, some nuts, avocado, a dehydrated tomato and carrot wrap, a gluten free quinoa and amaranth bread with cashew cheese, avocado guacamole and salsa on top.

Recipes and approaches to creating really tasty natural whole food can be obtained from inside my ‘Let’s Eat Raw’ recipe book and my ‘Raw Vegan Meals’ recipe book.

Evening time before 8.00pm just eat lightly, say a snack of sorts, which isn’t going to throw your system into overload.

Evening fast or sleep time – do your best to get 8 hours or at least 2 x 4 hours if you have to wake after 4 hours then get up and relax in the darkness on the couch.

Do not watch TV as this exacerbates the synaptic function setting off the brain and taking your brain out of the meditative delta sleep state, which is often called REM state.  Children for instance, spend as much as 80% of their sleep state in REM – free from neuro-stresses and totally relaxed.

Get plenty of rest while detoxing or fasting

Adults spend as little as 30% in REM – common sense will tell you this is not healthy largely due to the fact their gut is working overtime to break down heavy proteins when in fact it should be resting as the small intestine absorbs nutrients.

Drink plenty of water in between meals and opt for a healthy smoothie or juice in the middle of the day instead of the usual cuppa.  Smoothies are easily available in most towns and cities or if you’re really organised, make your own.  It’s not difficult and there’s loads of good blenders on the market these days.

To make a smoothie, just throw your favourite fruits into a blender and add coconut milk or water or almond or cashew milk and blend for 30 seconds or so.

The thing about smoothies is it’s all about YOU and what you would like to blend together on any given morning.

Less is the new More

so err on the side of caution.  Just a few ingredients such as banana, pineapple and strawberries or choose 3 or 4 of your favourite fruits.  These are fruits your body can recognise and by the way if you overload your smoothie with protein powders your body will STOP trying to eliminate and start to digest.

It appears the body can only cope with one major energy-sapping function at a time.  Protein in the morning contributes to acidosis.

Your gut is a biological computing device.  Overload it and it will ‘blue-screen’ and fail to respond to commands and its output will be sub-optimal.

The fewer commands you give it the more efficient it will become for you.  If your gut is not functioning properly then check out the wonders of green papaya, which saved my life.

See also ‘The Gut Is The Powerhouse Of The Body’

So the 1 step approach to detox might look like a complete rearrangement of your day but this begins with a PURE CHOICE and developing FOOD AWARENESS – is the food I am about to eat going to HARM ME OR HEAL ME?

I offer more in depth consultations both personally and long distance. If you would like to know more then email me – I’m here to help you.

Finally. The body is programed to work perfectly. It’s time to get with the program.

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    I just found your site and was hoping to find more info about diverticulitis. I was in the hospital for a blockage and was diagnosed with diverticulitis. The foods they say I can eat to help the inflammation seem to be foods that cause inflammation. Can you help.

  3. Love and appreciate the information – feel more confident in aiming for 80/20 raw/cooked – thanks heaps, Scott!

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